Big Brother 23: Frenchie Loses Some Fans After Breaking Promises

Big Brother 23 premiered and a lot of fans changed their minds about Frenchie. In fact, those who hated him pre-season decided he seemed like such a player. In fact, it took a lot of people by surprise. However, this week, fans slapped at him for his strategy and the fact that he failed to deliver on his promises. He decided that he wanted the good-looking guys out, but backed off Brent. Plus he promised safety for the women but put Alyssa on his hit list.

Big Brother 23 Frenchie, Brent, And Christian

When fans first saw Frenchie, the unlikely mix of an ex-military man crossed with a farmer, he looked a bit rough and ready. Well, winning isn’t about looks and clothes. So, when he started winning challenges in the premiere, some people revised their thoughts on him. Recall, he won a challenge to become the first Team Leader on Big Brother 23. Plus, as the Head of Household, he steered clear of selecting any of the jocks.

Brent Champagne and  Christian Birkenberger went on the Big Brother 23 HOH’s hit list. Brent ended up in Team Aces. He’s the good-looking guy who works as a flight attendant, looks really ripped, and already got a lot of the girl-fans gushing. Well, for some reason Frenchie decided the hunky guys must go, so he tried to push out Christian. However, it backfired as Christian won the Wildcard competition.

Frenchie Changes His Mind About Big Brother 23 Contestant, Brent

Brent getting pushed out also came to nothing. That came when he had a chat with Brent and decided he liked him. Anyway, it all put him in a huge dilemma as he promised he wouldn’t go after the women. Fans who watched the show know that he broke that promise and went after Alyssa Lopez. It seemed he felt unsettled by her getting close to Christian. Ultimately, a lot of fans mocked him.

One Big Brother 23 fan said on Twitter, “WTH Frenchie is a hot mess. Don’t say you’re not going after women and people of color and nominate one of each.” Disgusted, another fan of the CBS show said, “Frenchie promising he’s going to make sure it’s different this year, then doing what: nominating a woman and a person of color week 1… yeah, that’s real different.” That comment came as he also nominated Kyland Young.

Worst First Week As HOH?

Some Big Brother 23 fans think Frenchie, who seemed so confident played the first week as HOH really badly. One comment read, “Frenchie: I am a strategist and have everything planned out. Also Frenchie: *Guarantees a visit to his family in 2 weeks.* Worst first week of HOH in awhile lol.”

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