Big Brother 23 Spoilers: Christie Valdiserri Drops Out With COVID

Big Brother 23 premieres this week, and now fans heard that Christie Valdiserri had to drop out of the CBS show. Already, they found a replacement for her. However, her fans and followers feel terribly sad for her. She tested positive for COVID-19 and leaves despite being asymptomatic. Well, the safety of all the cast and crew is paramount, so she took it quite philosophically. Naturally, her fans hope that she features again next year.

Big Brother 23 Spoilers: First Houseguest Christie Valdiserri Gone

The cast for the show looks very interesting and people come from various walks of life. Brent Champagne already racked up some followers on Instagram as he looks like quite the hunk. He travels and works as a flight attendant. Plus, he’s crazy about sports and the outdoors. Well, the rest of them seem equally as interesting. At least way more interesting than the likes of Zach Rance from Season 16.

Big Brother 23 fans quickly found Christie Valdiserri when her name appeared amongst the cast members. Over on her own Instagram, she hit 29.8k followers. Her bio for the CBS show revealed that she comes from Philadelphia and lives in North Hollywood, CA where she’s a dancer. The vegan also started her own dancing company at the age of 15.  These days, her Instagram profile describes her as the “First Bald Sports Illustrated Model👙.” It also reveals she founded The Baldtourage, a support group and features on the CBS show. However, that just fell away.

The Big Brother 23 Announcement Came On Instagram

Christie Valdiserri spoke directly to her fans in a video via the official CBS Instagram account. The admin captioned it with, “@christie.valdiserri shares in her own words why she will not be competing in this season of Big Brother. We wish her all the best!” Well, in the clip, she explained that she tested positive for the virus. That came despite following all the guidelines and taking the vaccination. 

She feels healthy, and the ex-Big Brother 23 contestant says that no symptoms presented themselves. Naturally, she feels grateful for that. However, she obviously took a hard knock. She explained, “it’s really frustrating because I won’t be playing on Big Brother this summer.” Trying to take a positive line on it, she added, “[there’s] a bigger reason and I wanna believe that. And I don’t know the reason yet, but I’ve had a roller coaster of emotions the past 48 hours.”

Christie’s Replacement Is Claire Rehfuss

Big Brother 23 already replaced Christie with Claire Rehfuss, a “25-year-old AI engineer from Ohio,” according to People Magazine. Previously, she helped to found Survivor Michigan. So she brings some competitive experience from the fan-made version of Survivor.

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