Royal Family News: Mike Tindall Praises Queen Elizabeth And Her Tremendous Graciousness

British royal family news shows that former pro rugby player Mike Tindall has nothing but praise for his royal relative, Queen Elizabeth. He is inching toward his 10 year wedding anniversary with wife Zara, who is one of Her Majesty’s grandchildren.]

Mike Tindall Has Words of Praise

The former England rugby player married the Queen’s granddaughter Zara in Edinburgh in 2011. They married the same year and month as William and Kate. He told The Telegraph that it has been, “an amazing 10 years” and described how the queen made him feel welcome since his marriage.

He said: “I can only say how kind they’ve been to me, and how welcoming they’ve been to me since joining the family. And how they’ve made my family welcome.”

He added, “I’ve always felt part of it and I think that’s down to what an amazing woman the Queen is. They’re a fantastic family.”

Mike and Zara Tindall Have an Anniversary Coming Up

He noted, “How many families say that they will get together as a whole family six to eight times a year? It just doesn’t happen for me. I would like it to happen more, and this is where I have to perhaps learn a bit more from the wife, but it’s very rare. They’re very close and it’s great to see.”

Zara is the daughter of Princess Anne who has been labeled the hardest-working royal. Unlike Anne, the Tindalls don’t go to events on behalf of Her Majesty.

Zara Tindall is Not Working Royal

Nonetheless, the couple join the family at epic events like Trooping the Colour and were two of the 30 mourners who attended her grandfather Prince Philip’s funeral in April.

In April Tindall took part in a video call with the Duchess of Gloucester, who is married to the Queen’s cousin, in order to raise awareness of Parkinson’s disease which afflicts his father.

During the call two indicated the closeness of the family bond, as the duchess said: “It’s been lovely to talk with you, Mike, it really has.” Tindall replied: “I can’t wait to see you guys, it’s been so long.”

Zara Tindall is Princess Annes’s Daughter

Tindall told The Telegraph that he and his wife are “best friends.”

“I think the fact that she’s always been my best friend has been the key. At the end of the day we can sit down and laugh at each other and have a good time. It’s been an amazing 10 years.”

The Tindalls have two daughters, Mia and Lena, and one son Lucas, who was born earlier this year.

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