Days Of Our Lives (DOOL) Spoilers: Nicole Sobs Over Xander ‘Victimizing’ Her, Brady Takes Action

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers reveal that Brady Black (Eric Martsolf) overhears a shocking secret. He isn’t too pleased to learn that Nicole Walker Brady (Arianne Zucker) slept with Xander Cook (Paul Telfer). Of course, Nicole paints herself as the victim, as usual. She gives her sob story about Xander’s blackmail, leading Brady to take action to “save” Nicole from her own mistake.

Nicole Walker Brady’s Choice

DOOL spoilers reveal that Nicole was understandably upset by Eric Brady’s (Greg Vaughan) news. She went out to get drunk and despite her better judgment, confided in Xander. Then, the two had a one-night stand. Even though we understand Nicole being frustrated and lonely, she had a choice to sleep with Xander that night. Sure, she was drunk but she still made a choice. After all, Xander didn’t force her to sleep with him.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Brady Black’s Discovery

This week, Brady overhears Nicole talking about sleeping with Xander. He isn’t too pleased with her. After all, Xander is the person who shot him and left him to die in Canada. When Brady confronts Nicole, she instantly turns on the alligator tears. She paints herself as a victim in order to get Brady’s sympathy. It seems to work, just as it always does. She cries on his shoulder and talks about Xander’s blackmail.

Cheater Paints Herself A Victim

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Nicole made her own choices that night. Despite that fact, she seems to be painting herself as a victim. Xander might not be the best guy in Salem, but there is an easy solution to Nicole’s problem. All she has to do is tell the truth and Xander, as well as Sami DiMera (Alison Sweeney), won’t have anything to blackmail her with. The truth always comes out eventually. Instead, Nicole is focused on keeping her secret, even if that means giving Xander what he wants.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Punishing Xander Cook

Instead of Brady doing what he should do — and urging Nicole to just come clean with Eric — he has another reaction. He decides that he is going to do everything in his power to “save” Nicole from Xander.

Now, Eric and Brady are half-brothers. Sure, they have gone through really volatile times and have been at war in the past. But they are on good terms now. Brady would want the truth if his partner was cheating on him (Nicole did cheat on Brady with Eric in the past). So, you would think that Brady would want Eric to know the truth and would understand that secrets never stay buried forever in Salem. Instead, he betrays his own blood for a chronic bed-hopper.

Brady and Nicole will team up to defeat Xander. While we don’t condone Xander blackmailing Nicole, we also are not on board with Brady lying to protect Nicole… who betrays every man she’s with at some point. How will this story end? We will have to keep watching to find out.

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