Jill Dillard Shares A Stunning Photo Of Herself With Derick

Jill Dillard and Derick married seven years ago and clearly, their relationship works. It’s not always been an easy road for them, especially with Derick studying law. Now he graduated, Jill feels so proud of him. A dedicated dad, and someone who thinks about the future of their family, it’s no wonder she loves him so much. This week, she shared a stunning photo of herself with him, and Counting On fans agree she looks amazing.

Jill Dillard And Derick Soon Celebrate their Anniversary

Fans of the Counting On alums see a nice couple who go their own way. In fact, a lot of them admire the young parents as they diverged away from Jim Bob’s rules. They sent their son Israel to school, something almost unheard of in the Duggar clan. Plus, Jill’s known to wear pants now and then. Recall, she got a nose stud put in and TLC fans gasped. Although they remain off the show, they run a blog on YouTube and seem very active on Instagram.

Fans of Jill Dillard sometimes feel a bit embarrassed for her as she even talks about her intimate life with Derick. Nevertheless, as she feels her marriage works for her, she might pass it on as not everyone’s got a handle on their marriage. When she posted up a new photo of herself with Derick this week, people noticed loving energy. However, more people commented on the way she looked.

Very Beautiful Photo

When she shared her photo, Jill Dillard didn’t tag a professional photographer. However, in the comments, they talked about Monique Serra Photography. Then, in the comments, Monique commented on how their love comes through very strongly. Meanwhile, in her caption, Jill wrote, “😘My favorite place is wherever you are @derickdillard 💞Thanks for being my man + my greatest supporter!” Next, she invited fans to tag their own special supporter.

Plenty of people suggested that like Jill Dillard, they think that their wife or husband is the most special person. Actually, some of the Counting On fans mentioned health issues, so fans of the couple also sent them some love and supportive messages. However, the focus came on the photo of Jill. Lots of people gushed about it maybe Monique gets a few more customers.

Fans React To The Photo

In the comments, many fans told Jill Dillard how she looked wonderful. Here’s a small sample of those comments:

Wow, Jill you look stunning.”
“Jill, you look absolutely gorgeous in this picture!.”
“The love you two hold for each other is so palpable in this picture. Absolutely beautiful. ❤️”
“Beautiful pic Jill! You are such an inspiration! 🌸 Wish you and your family a beautiful summer! Love from Sweden.”

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