Little People, Big World Star Tori Roloff Reflects On Lilah’s Life

Little People, Big World fans know that Tori Roloff’s daughter Lilah is the cutest little girl. Slightly slow with reaching her milestones, she recently started walking. She wears eyeglasses and gave her mama a fright a few times about her health. Mostly, though she seems rather laid back. Often smiling, fans seldom see her worked up about anything. This Sunday, June 6, her mom shared some photos and the lyrics of a popular song. It seems that she reflects on her daughter’s life at the moment.

Little People, Big World Starlet Lilah Seems Like A Sunny Personality

TLC fans know that Lilah, born with dwarfism, might face some physical challenges in years to come. Right now, though, her little life focuses on walking with her little stroller, enjoying snacks, and taking the occasional fall. After all, the toddler’s still learning to walk. Nevertheless, Tori told her fans that she seemed more upset about not reaching her book than a bump on the head. All in all, she seems pleasant and a rather placid child.

It’s summer and of course, the tiniest Little People, Big World star enjoys being outdoors. Fans saw her playing with water and enjoying picnics. She watched her brother and dad fishing and enjoyed snacking while the dog Murphy picked up the dropped bits and pieces. This weekend, her mom posted up a photo of Lilah on her Tori Roloff Photography Instagram account. The photos revealed her sitting amongst the flowers

Reflecting On Lilah’s Life With A Song

The Little People, Big World mom dressed Lilah in a striped dress, with a small bow on her head and posed her sitting in the grass amidst the wildflowers. So small and sweet, she looked like a dream. Aptly, the song that Tori chose as her caption was Cory Asbury’s lyrics to “Sparrows.” She then shared the first verse of the song:

“The sparrow’s not worried ’bout tomorrow
Or the troubles to come
The lily’s not thinking ’bout the seasons
The drought or the flood
A tree that’s planted by the water
Isn’t fazed by the fire
So why should I be?”

The Little People, Big World star certainly shared a powerful message about how Lilah doesn’t yet understand the fears and worries that adults carry around with them. In a way, it seemed like she applauded the innocence of Lilah’s childhood.

Fans Love The Song – Chat In The Comments

Little People, Big World fans commented and told Tori they loved the photos. Meanwhile, others talked about the beauty of the song. One TLC fan wrote, “Love these photos and that song 😍.” Then, another fan commented, “Well said! 🙌❤️ precious girl 🎀!”

Remember to check back with us often for more news and updates about Little People, Big World star Tori Roloff and her daughter, Lilah.

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