Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Family Reveals Divorce on the Horizon

Seeking Sister Wife spoilers reveal that the Alldredge family may be splitting up for good. Fans found out that they were calling it quits on their Facebook account. They told their fans that they were ready to end the marriage with Donna, who is their third wife. The family was not on the third season of Seeking Sister Wife, but we did see them on season one and two.

What Happened?

The Alldredge family didn’t appear on this season of the show because of a few differences between them and the network. They didn’t like the direction that the show was going in and chose not to join the show again. Sharis Alldredge also told fans that she felt the show was more focused on sex than ever before and this is not what they wanted for their family.

In July of 2020, the family married Donna and she had a daughter from a previous marriage. She had to fight for custody and this took all of the family’s funds and left them pretty broke. They had to start a GoFundMe account to help her pay for all of her bills. Sharis wanted to share more about the custody battle, but she couldn’t because of the legal implications.

The End of The Marriage

As the Alldredge family has started to open up more about the marriage to Donna, they have been sharing a lot more with their fans. It seems like a pretty hard decision because they all seemed very happy together. The family did not talk about why they broke up with her, but it seems that they are all heartbroken about it. There were a lot of sad emojis on the post.

Of course, fans of the family were quick to share their thoughts with the family. One fan said that Donna’s family could possibly be a reason for the split because they did not approve of her marriage to the Alldredge family. We hope that they can all get through this together and grieve properly.

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