Anna Duggar Remains Silent for Month Following Josh’s Arrest

Former 19 Kids & Counting On star Josh Duggar was arrested in April, and the family has been navigating this difficult time since. Over the past few weeks, they have released statements about his arrest and the allegations against him. Josh is being accused of having child sexual abuse material on his computer.
Josh’s trial is in July. For now, he’s staying with a third party and is unable to see minors other than his own kids. Anna has reportedly already visited Josh with the kids. She claims that her husband is innocent. A source even says Anna thinks the arrest was set up by Joe Biden and that this wouldn’t have happened if Donald Trump was still president.

Has Anna Duggar said anything following Josh’s arrest?

Since his arrest, Anna hasn’t spoken out and she’s staying pretty quiet about it all. While she would normally share regular posts of the kids on social media, she appears to be taking a break. Though the rest of the Duggar family took the time to make statements about the allegations against Josh, she still isn’t doing that. It’s unclear why.
Anna’s latest social media post came shortly before her husband was arrested. The Instagram post features all of the recently-born Duggar granddaughters. It’s a cute post, but it quickly lost fans’ attention when the news of Josh’s arrest broke a few days later.
Fans assume that Anna is trying to lay low and keep her family’s name out of the headlines. She may not want to say anything that could potentially affect the case against her husband as well.


 Fans hope that Anna and the kids are doing well. They know that this is a difficult thing for them to deal with, and they can’t imagine what they are going through. Plenty of the family’s followers are urging Anna to leave Josh and protect the kids.

Even Amy King, Josh’s cousin, is hinting that Anna needs to get away from him. In a tweet, she wrote, “He might love you, but if he can’t love you properly and in a healthy way then you need to PACK YOUR BAGS. Life is too short to waist time on someone who cannot give you their whole heart.” Though Amy doesn’t mention Anna’s name, fans are sure it’s meant for her.
Fans are interested to hear what Anna has to say when she finally breaks her silence. It might be a while though, as she may even be waiting until after Josh’s trial in July.


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