Seeking Sister Wife: The Winder Family Clarifies They Never Quit TLC

Seeking Sister Wife fans freaked out this week as they thought the Winder family quit TLC for good. After all, many of them genuinely felt very sad that they saw the last of them on their screens. However, on Tuesday, June 2, they edited the post on Instrgam that hinted they left the show. So, if the show returns with a new season, fans might still see more Colton, Sophie, Tami, and the kids.

Seeking Sister Wife fans Really Love The Winder Family On TLC

Fans came out in droves and claimed they really didn’t like Season 3 of the TLC show. In fact, a lot of bad comments went the way of Ashley and Dimitri after Christeline accused them of abuse. Plus, Garrick Merrifield found lots of critics for hurting Dannielle and sleeping with his Brazilian beauty the first night they met. The Jones’s got criticism as well. In fact, for many fans, it seemed that Colton and his wives were the only people there for the right reasons.

Seeking Sister Wife fans banded behind the Winder family as they watched them court Kimberley. It didn’t work out, but that’s okay. Everyone wants the best for the family. These days, Tami and Sophie both have a child. On social media, fans love seeing how little Ephraim and his half-sister bond. Authentic and genuine, when they heard they leave TLC, a lot of fans seemed very upset.

Misunderstanding – Not Leaving TLC

The misunderstanding ended up with Seeking Sister Wife news appearing in the tabloids. Reports said that it looked like the Winder’s possibly left came after they shared a post on Instagram. In it, they talked about their motivation for appearing in the show. That referred to the legalization of polygamy in Utah. Additonally, they “wanted to give the world a genuine portrayal of plural marriage in our faith, with all of its beauty and struggle.”

The Seeking Sister Wife family talked about not knowing what the future holds for them. And, they noted the season closed for them. Well, fans who thought they meant they left it forever commented about their feelings. they felt about that. One fan wrote, “Awwww gonna miss seeing you guys. Maybe start a YouTube channel??”

Another fan commented, “Love you guys SO MUCH! Don’t blame you one bit for walking away from the messy show.”

Clarification About Seeking Sister Wife

Later, an edit appeared on the Winder’s post. They clarified, “Edited to add: We aren’t going anywhere, we were just saying last night was our last episode of this season. We apologize for the misunderstanding!” So, it seems that Seeking Sister Wife fans can relax a bit. Of course, a new season wasn’t yet announced. However if one comes, there’s a good possibility they share more of their lives with their fans.

Remember to check back with us often for more news and updates about the Winder family on TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife.

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