Unexpected Spoilers: Myrka Cantu Shows Her Reactions

Unexpected spoilers reveal that Myrka Cantu is ready to show her ex, Ethan Ybarra, that she is getting over him slowly, but surely. The couple broke up back in early May and it seems to have been a rough one. There were rumors that he was abusive to her and that one of them cheated. These rumors have yet to be proven true, but now Myrka is telling her followers on social media that they can “slide into” her DMs.

What Happened?

Neither Myrka nor Ethan has come out and been open about what happened with their relationship. Myrka’s followers are now sending her screenshots of Ethan’s accounts and trying to start drama between the couple. She doesn’t want to tell her fans that he cheated on her, but from what her followers have sent from Ethan, the cheating allegations could be true.

Myrka’s followers have shared some DMs that Ethan has sent to multiple women while they were still together. Myrka has even shared some of these screenshots on her Instagram Story and many of her fans think it is in poor taste to do so. From these DMs, clearly Ethan does not want to get back together with Myrka and it looks like he wants to hook up with again, but not be a couple.

Mixed Signals and Feelings

In Ethan’s DMs, he has talked about how he wants someone to love him again and he feels that he will find someone that loves everything about him. He is looking for more of a companionship these days and that has his fans thinking more about what really happened with the couple. We do hope that he can find someone that he wants to love and that will also love him.

It seems a little shady that Myrka wants her fans to send her DMs of what Ethan is doing these days. Clearly she is not over him or doesn’t want to see him be successful when it comes to love.

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