Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: The Winders NOT Leaving The TLC Series!

Seeking Sister Wife spoilers and updates reveals there is good news for lovers of the Winders Family from the TLC reality franchise – the Winders won’t be leaving the reality show any time soon. It came as a shock in the early hours of Tuesday when the family posted on Instagram about their experience on the reality series. They explained that their stay had been an “interesting experience” while clarifying that they never went on the show to actively seek out a third wife.

For them, the sole purpose for appearing on the reality TV show was more to raise awareness about their lifestyle and beliefs. Well, the post came as a shock to many fans as it seemed much like a sendoff. However, it was soon edited to clarify the Winders were not exiting the reality franchise.

The Winders Seeking Sister Wife Experience

Interesting to say that when Colton, Sophie, and Tami decided to be part of the reality series in Season 2, their core goal was to come out as a Polygamous family. At that time when they were ready to share their truth with the world, Colton and Tami were legally married and blessed with a toddler daughter, Sadie. A year after, they took Sophie to be part of the family causing them to move into one home and become a united front. As they took each step to reveal their true selves, the search for a third wife did ensue. Unfortunately, it never happened.

Before the end of the second season, the family moved into one home and Sophie was pregnant with baby boy Winder while Tami struggled with infertility. The Winder family also had been chatting with a potential sister wife, Kimberley from North Carolina and it had gone on for some time. The aim was to get her out to Utah a few months before little Ephraim was born. However, the COVID-19 Pandemic put the brakes on that but she did eventually make it out.

Kimberly Visits the Winders

Although everyone liked Kimberley, Colton did not feel a love connection with her. They realized how lucky they were to have come as far as they did. In the end, their hope was Tami would end up pregnant and God would guide them to their next chapter.

Leaving Or Staying?

A few days later after the Winders shared they were going to continue to feel blessed with what they had, the post went up. It was all about fighting for the rights of Polygamists. As many news circulated media outlets about the fate of Sister Wives, they made us understand that polygamy in Utah was equivalent to a traffic ticket now.

They added: “This season of Seeking Sister Wife is closed for us with last night’s episode. We don’t know what the future holds, but we’re excited to see what will come next.” They concluded that they would continue to update fans through their social media pages. Nevertheless, the possibility of new projects was still up in the air.

With fans upset about the Winder family exiting the series, the reality franchise quickly added that it was simply a misunderstanding. Did they speak too soon or did they break a non-disclosure agreement?

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