Sister Wives: Why Is Kody Brown Dubbed As ‘Selfish’ Throughout The Years

Sister Wives star Kody Brown has been dubbed as the main villain in the show in recent years. Apparently, fans have been questioning how Kody treats his plural family. His poor treatment of his wives also earned him tons of haters throughout the years.

Kody’s questionable decision makings also earned him the title, “selfish.” Apparently, fifteen seasons have passed and fans think that Kody didn’t change. Instead, things got worse, and Kody just kept on showcasing his selfishness.

Sister Wives: Viewers Don’t Like How Kody Supports His Wives

Sister Wives star Kody Brown has been criticized for how he treats his wives. Apparently, viewers have seen that whenever Kody decides on something, all the wives show their support. However, when the wives have something to say or want to do something, Kody seemed irritated and disregards whatever it is.

Due to this, fans dubbed Kody as “selfish” and think that he wants everything to be centered towards him. Aside from that, Kody’s wives all have jobs and have been working throughout the years. Meanwhile, fans noticed that Kody hasn’t shown any indications that he’s been working for the family.

Reports also claimed that Kody has been struggling financially and currently owes more than $3K in property taxes.

Kody Raises Eyebrows In Latest Season

Sister Wives star Kody Brown had a lot of fans furious during their latest season. Aside from not having any interest in restoring his relationship with Meri Brown, Kody raised some eyebrows after not joining his daughter, Ysabel Brown, for her major back surgery.

Viewers think that Kody did major damage to his reputation and image after suggesting to let his daughter go to her surgery alone. Aside from that, Kody has been criticized for how he dealt with the COVID-19 pandemic throughout their latest season.

Apparently, Kody suggested that all of his wives and kids should just stay at their separate homes, and it’s for him to decide which one he’s going to visit. Fans think that Kody’s decision is another gesture of selfishness.

Sister Wives: Is Kody Brown The Main Villain?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown may have his own share of good decisions throughout their 15 seasons. However, the majority of his decisions are just against the eyes of the viewers and his wives.

However, that doesn’t mean that he’s always the bad guy. Apparently, the plural family shared their lives on TV to show how they deal with their problems. This includes the wives’ problems with Kody. At this point, TLC has yet to reveal if they will renew the plural family for another season.

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