Alaskan Bush People: Gabe Brown Shares Poem About Life Challenges Following Father’s Death

Alaskan Bush People spoilers and updates reveal cast member Gabe Brown, has opened up about the challenges he’s facing in life right now through a poem. The reality TV star shared the poem in his Instagram account as he and his family struggle to cope with the passing of their patriarch, Billy Brown.

The Struggles Faced By The Browns

It’s been a difficult year for the Browns after Billy died back in February due to a fatal seizure. Not only that, Matt Brown, Ami and Billy’s eldest son, accused his father of keeping all the money from the show. He also made allegations of being provided with drugs by the production. The Discovery Channel has yet to respond to Matt’s claim. But Bear Brown denied his brother’s allegations and said that none of what Matt said was true.

“It’s heartbreaking that he would say such horrible lies about Da just a few months after he passed away! I pray he can find the peace and serenity in his life that he needs. God bless everyone, he said.”

Gabe’s Heartfelt Poem

Gabe started his poem with, “Behind my eyes, there’s a place I know, filled with dreams from long ago, where there are shadows of sunsets, and the autumn [leaves] blow, there’s a rocking chair by a fire where sometimes I go, to stare out of the windows from inside my soul.”

“You may see me from time to time, gazing off into the distance like I’m out of my mind, it’s because I am, maybe you should be too when the world we carry gets too heavy, or our feet are too small for our shoes, take a break from your trouble, go take a rest, chat with an old friend to get things off your chest, or relax for a while, and just catch your breath,” he added.

“You have to grow up in this life that we live, but never forever because inside we’re all still just kids,” he continued.

The poem, which was accompanied by a reddish selfie, was the first post he made since May 8. During this previous post, Gabe also shared a poem wherein he asks himself if someone will be there for him when he faces hard times.

Gabe’s Fans Praise His Latest Poem

Many of his followers praised him for the post he shared. One fan wrote, “Gabe that doesn’t sound crazy. It sounds like something that keeps you sane. It’s a lovely poem. You are very gifted.”

Another one chimed in and said, “Such a beautiful message,” another wrote. “Love this! That’s right, only our bodies age… Inside we are just kids,” another commented.”

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