How Do Meri Brown & Her Friend Find Topics For Friday With Friends?

Meri Brown and her friend Jen Sullivan started up their Friday night live podcast on Instagram this year. Actually, it rapidly becomes very popular as a sort of mini-spinoff for TLC fans. The Friday With Friends show seemingly reveals the real Meri and not the one that fans see on the Sister Wives show. In fact, don’t even think about talking about Kody and her future with the family during the podcast.

The rules are simple. Anyone who follows her may tune in but stay away from telling her how to live her life. Fast-paced, and often hilariously entertaining, how do Jen and her friend plan the topics they discuss?

Meri Brown and Jen On Friday With Friends

If you never tuned in and watched the Friday With Friends podcast, you miss out on a lot of fun. Additionally, you miss insights into the Sister Wives star. Mostly fun, Meri did touch on a few sad aspects about the passing of her mom, Bonnie. In fact, she seemed terribly sad as she tried coping with Mother’s Day this day. But that’s what friends are for: To lean on, chat with, even shed a few tears. Notably, everyone in the audience seems like a friend to Meri.

Usually, Meri Brown and Jen don’t linger for too long on a subject. Almost like a bunch of friends chatting over a few drinks or a meal, the conversations skip and hop across a wide range of subjects. It’s fast-paced, so you might miss some things. However, the Sister Wives star always posts them up on her main Instrgam site so you can watch them at any time. If you wonder if they plan the podcast ahead of time, Meri gave her TLC fans a hint this Friday.

The Podcast This Week Ranged From Toilets Through To Ghosts & More

Meri Brown and Jen chatted about a range of topics. Jen mentioned that she moves home soon, and she hasn’t started packing yet. Then, they moved onto a funny story about Jen’s kid needing blood taken for a test. Next up, they discussed spinach for iron, anemia and ice cravings, and insomnia. Oh, there was much more as well. However, it seems they don’t actually plan their topics. After the live, Meri shared a couple of screenshots on her Instagram Stories.

The two slides that Meri Brown shared with her Sister Wives fans revealed a conversation Jen had with her daughter. In it, she asked what they plan in talking about. Well, she replied, saying she had no idea. So, her daughter suggested “cheese and jewelry.” Suggesting the topics are not as “random” as some things they talk about, Jen thought it seemed like a good idea. After all, she likes “cheese and jewelry.”

Topics Seem Unplanned And Just Flow Naturally Between The Friends

Meri Brown and Jen just seem to let the chat go where it wants to. And that makes it all seem informal and fun.

Remember to check back with us often for more news and updates from Meri Brown on TLC’s Sister Wives and her friend Jen Sullivan on Friday With Friends.

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