Seeking Sister Wife: Dimitri Snowden Faces Abuse Allegations Anew

Seeking Sister Wife star Dimitri Snowden continues to face abuse allegations. This time around, a past controversy is making its way back to the spotlight.

A former wife of the Snowdens has resurfaced once again with the same claims she made in the past. And now, she wants Dimitri in jail after learning about Christeline Petersen’s domestic violence accusations.

Seeking Sister Wife: Dimitri Snowden’s Ex-Wife Speaks Out

Dimitri Snowden continues to be haunted by a past abuse controversy. The Seeking Sister Wife star is being accused of being violent to another woman, who claims to be his and Ashley Snowden’s former wife.

Ariadne Joseph is speaking out once again, sharing her experience with the Snowdens back in 2016. She revealed that her relationship with Dimitri and Ashley started before their debut on the show.

Ariadne claimed that the Seeking Sister Wife star reached out to her in 2012 in an online polygamy group. They eventually started a romantic relationship and things moved forward from there.

The mother of one said she used to live with Dimitri and Ashley. She even brought along her daughter. But just after one month of “bliss,” Ariadne allegedly experienced violence in the hands of Dimitri.

Ariadne Joseph Shares Intriguing Details About The Snowdens

In an interview with The Sun, Ariadne Joseph revealed some intriguing details about her relationship with the Snowdens. She claimed that Dimitri demanded that Ashley must be in the room when he had sex with her. He also wanted all three of them to sleep in the same bed.

“I woke up in the middle of the night to Dimitri straddled on my chest. This man was on my chest with his hands around my neck,” Ariadne recalled. “Ashley was on the other end of the bed. It woke her up because I’m screaming for him to stop. He did not let up. I was trying not to fight him. I bit him. He yelled and he got up and he loosened the grip off my body and neck.”

Apparently, Dimitri told his wives that he was just having a bad dream. But Ariadne wasn’t buying it.

She claimed it was followed by another violent incident. Ariadne said she discovered that the Seeking Sister Wife star was texting different women and when she confronted her about it, he snapped.

Ariadne said Dimitri attacked her, choking her so hard she couldn’t breathe. “I did not call the police because he begged me not to. He apologized,” she added. “He said he has never done anything like that.”

Seeking Sister Wife: Ariadne Want Dimitri In Jail

Now, Ariadne Joseph wants Dimitri Snowden to go to jail. She said her experience with the Seeking Sister Wife star was “very traumatizing.” Ariadne added that she had to get therapy for her depression brought by her bad experiences.

“Dimitri needs to be in jail for domestic violence,” Ariadne said. “I need these people off of national television, bringing these women in.”

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