Seeking Sister Wife: Colton Winder Says A Naughty Word, Fans Laugh

Seeking Sister Wife revealed on May 24, that Colton Winder and his wives, Tami and Sophie, invited prospective wife Kimberley to the farm. While he works as a pharmacist, the farm clearly takes up a huge chunk of their lives. She enjoyed herself while there and even tucked into a barbecue with the family. However, during the episode, Colton said a naughty word and a lot of fans laughed about that as he’s a Mormon.

Seeking Sister Wife Star Colton Winder Grows On Fans

Some TLC fans say that Colton’s “a creep.” However this season, his dry humor becomes more and more apparent. Actually, when fans discussed if he was a pharmacist or a farm-assist, fans speculated he might find it rather funny. Nevertheless, a lot of fans just don’t get dry humor. On Instagram, one fan felt that dry humor’s fine until you mistake it for humor and he’s being serious. Nevertheless, his wives Tami and Sophie don’t seem to have an issue between the two.

Seeking Sister Wife fans on Twitter also start picking up on Colton’s humor. One fan wrote, “Colton has really grown on me. I find his deadpan sense of humor hilarious.” Additionally, the fan noted, “He seems like a good person and gentle soul. I like how the wives kid him. Colton’s the only male on the show who doesn’t seem skeezy.”

Actually, a lot of fans think that of all the cast members on the TLC show this season, the Winders seem like the most authentic.

Colton Apologizes For His naughty Word On The Episode

Ahead of Seeking Sister Wife airing on Monday, Colton took to his Instagram and talked about his naughty word. Fans got a laugh out of it. In the caption, he said, “To preface today’s episode, I’m sure just about every person on this earth is within about 5 miles of a cow (or a suitable substitute).”

Next, he added, “So, you know, there’s no judgment from me if your language is occasionally a little more colorful.” The Seeking Sister Wife star added, “I had better apologize though, because I did use a bad “S” word on today’s episode, and it wasn’t “sheep.”

Reality TV blogger John Yates joked, “You’re going straight to hell. 😂” Then another TLC fan asked, “Are the cows sworn to secrecy? 😉😇”

Interacting, and obviously enjoying the banter, Colton replied saying “What’s said in the corral stays in the corral 😆.”

Some Fans Love The Way The Wives Made A Joke Of The Cuss Word

If you watched the episode, you probably saw how the wives, Tami and Sophie, made a joke about the word. One fan noticed it and said, “A little shocking for a second haha. Then your wives reactions turned the scene into a laughable moment for sure! Stay safe- keep well. Cheers!”

In return, Colton admitted, “They keep me on the straight and narrow 😆.”

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