Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Tosha Jones Says Her Character Is Like The Bumblebee

The ongoing season of Seeking Sister Wife saw fans been introduced to a new family made up of Sidian and Tosha Jones. This season which is the third in the reality series has the Jones seeking a sister-wife. However, things are not going smoothly as planned by the new couple.

One would think that Tosha’s amiable personality as she put up on Instagram would make any potential sister-wife feel welcomed in their home, but sadly, the Jones have not been lucky enough in their sister-wife quest so far.

A Look At Tosha’s Instagram Profile

The Seeking Sister Wife star, Tosha Jones, does have an interesting profile on Instagram. It has often puzzled several fans what the cast members of the various TLC reality shows do for a living when there is a break during seasons.

In Tosha’s profile, she informs her followers that she is a realtor and has a shop that she runs on Amazon, which she named the Tosha Prints Shop. Her shop is into the sales of graphic hoodies and tank tops. She lists these personal facts alongside being a mother, an energetic bee, and a fan of history and the arts.

Her recent post on Instagram refers to her energetic bee personality. In the post, she also talks about her belief in several mythoi that she had previously mentioned in her posts. The mythos she posted is related to that of animals and in particular mention in the post, she said that her personality can be likened to that of the busy bumblebee.

Tosha Believes In The Mythos Of The Bumblebee

The Seeking Sister Wife star’s Instagram post harped on the characteristics of the bumblebee as it has been described by several mythological experts. She posted a picture that listed the traits believed to describe the animal mythos.

In a short text she wrote under the picture, Tosha admits that she isn’t perfect in exhibiting kindness, but strives to be a better and kinder person every day. She added that she tries her best to treat everyone with the best of intentions in her heart. With her sweet and gentle perception of life, fans struggle to find a good reason why the Jones find it very hard to get a sister-wife to be part of their household.

According to her, the bumblebee is her role model, as it showcases the important traits of hard work, communal sacrifice, as well as ensuring that everyone lives a good, comfortable life. She added that she would have liked to list more of the exemplary traits exhibited by the bumblebee but she didn’t want to bore her fans.

She concluded the post by asking her followers to identify the animals they rate with personally in the comments section. At the time of reporting this latest news, Seeking Sister Wife fans are yet to make any comments in their throngs, as just over 9 of them liked Tosha’s Instagram post.

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