‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Vanessa Cobbs Dodged a Bullet with the Snowdens?

Seeking Sister Wife star Vanessa Cobbs finally broke her silence amid Dimitri and Ashley Snowden’s abuse scandal. The former TLC star has been mum about the couple ever since their split in 2019.

But now, Vanessa appeared to throw shade at the couple, seemingly hinting at a similar experience with them in the past. Did she actually save herself from a bigger problem?

Seeking Sister Wife: Vanessa Cobbs Breaks Silence Amid Dimitri and Ashley’s Latest Controversy

Vanessa Cobbs is no longer keeping quiet about Dimitri and Ashley Snowden. The Seeking Sister Wife alum shared some cryptic posts on Instagram, seemingly directed at the polygamous couple.

In one of her posts, Vanessa talked about being a “narcissist” and “playing the victim.” She also criticized those who are “enablers,” seemingly referring to the couple.

“Enough. Stop lying to the world and yourselves,” Vanessa wrote. “Get help. There’s no shame in therapy.”

Fans Think Vanessa Dodged A Bullet with the Snowdens

With the latest controversy, Dimitri and Ashley Snowden are facing, many are convinced that Vanessa Cobbs saved herself from a bigger problem. Apparently, some think she dodged a bullet when she divorced the polygamous couple.

Although Vanessa has yet to reveal what exactly happened between them, many speculate that she has suffered the same fate as Christeline. The only difference is that she opted out and dealt with it privately.

The Seeking Sister Wife star’s post seemingly confirmed that she’s grateful to be out of the relationship with the Snowdens. “Thank you all. Feeling very grateful these days and hopeful about the future,” she said.

Seeking Sister Wife: Dimitri Files For Divorce From Christeline

Meanwhile, Dimitri Snowden has filed for divorce from Christeline Petersen. The move came after a judge tossed the restraining order and case filed by the South African mom.

According to reports, Dimitri officially filed divorce documents in Los Angeles, seeking to dissolve his marriage to Christeline. Interestingly, the new divorce documents suggest that Dimitri isn’t legally married to his first wife, Ashley, thus he was able to marry Christeline.

It is worth noting that it is not legal to marry more than one person in the state of California. However, both Ashley and Dimitri have yet to address such speculation.

Previously, Christeline accused Dimitri of abusing her multiple times over the past year. She also alleged that the Seeking Sister Wife star has been abusive during their intimate moments. Aside from Dimitri, Christeline also accused Ashley of physical and verbal abuse.

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