19 Kids and Counting Spoilers: Was The Show Pulled From Apple and Amazon?

19 Kids and Counting spoilers reveal that Apple and Amazon may have pulled the TLC show, 19 Kids and Counting after the release of information on Josh Duggar’s scandal. Now fans of the Duggars aren’t sure when or where they will be able to watch their favorite family.

Will Counting On Continue?

After the allegations about Josh dropped online, fans of the Duggars were shocked and some think that the Duggars get too much praise for their giant family. The family does have their own way of doing things and at times, it seems like Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar cover up family secrets. This could be one of them.

When Josh was first accused of sexual abuse to underage girls, TLC cancelled 19 Kids and Counting. Then the network renamed the show and made it seem like the Duggars had changed a lot and Josh was no longer on the show. Many viewers continued to watch it, but others immediately decided to turn it off.

No More 19 Kids and Counting?

Amazon did a very interesting thing when 19 Kids and Counting was featured on the website. On May 14, fans could buy the seasons, but then on May 15, they were all pulled down. Some think that Amazon did this to make some big sales, but others think that they heard the news and knew that they couldn’t support the Duggars anymore.

One Instagram account, Without A Crystal Ball, posted the following on their account, “Amazon has removed all seasons of 19 Kids & Counting from their streaming platform, Amazon Prime. Up until yesterday, people were able to purchase the seasons by episode or by season. Today all the seasons are no longer available. Thank you, Amazon. Now it’s your turn, YouTube to remove these for sale on your platform.”

The scandal has created a lot more drama for the Duggars and we will see how TLC takes care of this situation soon.

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