What Is Deadliest Catch Alum Jake Harris Up To Now?

Good news for Deadliest Catch lovers – they are starting to take quick peeks of Captain Phil’s youngest son, Jake Harris. Interestingly, the young man appeared on his big brother Josh’s social media recently. Thanks to several online platforms, fans can now satisfy their curiosity about Jake Harris’s whereabouts.

Deadliest Catch Alum Jake Harris Shares Update

So many lovers of the former Deadliest Catch star Jake Harris, have been eager to know what he has been faring since he got home. According to his big brother Captain Josh Harris, Jake Harris is doing just great.

Sometimes in April 2021, Jake himself shared a public statement through his Facebook page on how he was coping. Some of the fans wanted to hear deeper revelation from him. In their words, “What would you say the best kind of support you felt was? Tough love? Presence? Advice? Prayers/well wishes?”

Jake at that time had answered them saying “That was a presence. He went on to describe his addiction as a jacket that didn’t fit and that he no longer recognized himself. Moreover, his connections were shallow and his relationship with his family was non-existent.”

Jake Harris’s Love Life

While he gave quick answers to fans that were interested in knowing so much about him, Jake Harris further shared how his girlfriend, Shawna, met him “halfway.”

He narrated in the statement he made on his Facebook page that, “She invited me into her home, had me do chores, participate in movie nights, I got stuck doing laundry cause she hates to do it… she treated me with respect and with encouragement, didn’t tell me what to do and, reminded me that the only true accountability that I had was to myself. She told me I deserved better from myself, she let me build relationships with her family and gave me a feeling of responsibility and being needed.”

The Deadliest Catch Star Started To Reconnect With Family

Following the lengthy story he made known to his fans, Jake Harris also shared how he had a few bumps on the road. Fortunately, Shawna was there through the rough bumpy ride. He praised her for staying with him when he messed up, for listening when he struggled and cheering when he did well.

Jake also acknowledged his family for being incredibly supportive. As a fact, they are all excited to have him around and their presence has helped him.

Jake Harris Shares Captain Phil’s Words Of Wisdom

Jake Harris quoted his brilliant late father’s words, Captain Phil. “You can watch things happen, make things happen, or wonder what the hell happened.

After reminiscing what his father had told him before his demise, Jack said in his words, “In the end when it came right down to it, I stopped asking for what I wanted because I can see now, I didn’t know. By doing the next right thing and not doing things I have to hide from everyone a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I’m starting to see that I need to love myself better and not give up on myself and that has been huge in my recovery, that choice and all the constant reminders that I deserve love, happiness and to be treated with kindness and that I need to focus on loving myself. I wanted to have a sense of pride in myself and my everyday outlook and I wanted to be excited for tomorrow again. I want to be seen as reliable and I wanted to love and be loved back and I wanted to have [a] genuine smile again. I’m smiling now. Still working on being better. ”

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