Deadliest Catch: Josh Harris Shares News About His Brother

For some time now, fans of Deadliest Catch have been wondering what might have happened to Captain Phil’s younger son, Jake Harris.

The co-captain of F/V Cornelia Marie, Captain Josh Harris has some news about his little brother, Josh. More so, this news should be pleasing to the fans of the show.

Where Is Captain Phil’s Younger Son?

Fans who have been following Josh Harris’ Instagram page have been excited seeing him share pictures of him and his younger brother. Thanks to an exclusive interview with Josh Harris, light has been shed on the activities of the Deadliest Catch star, Jake Harris after a year of dealing with issues that had sent him to prison.

Jake is now back in the show and at the time of the interview with Josh Harris, he was there in Seattle working on the boats, overhauling them. Josh said that Jake is doing very fine, taking baby steps which is understandable because he is still working on himself.

However, Josh had said that Jake is not under any pressure to return and when he is comfortable and feels good and strong enough to, he would be welcomed with open arms. He stated that it includes Jake joining Deadliest Catch: Bloodline.

Would Discovery Accept Jake Back into The Show with Open Arms?

Captain Josh had stated in the interview that recently was the first time he spent time with his brother like that in 12 years. He had said that there have been talks about Jake’s return to the boat, however, it is up to the channel and completely up to him.
It seems Jake has to make the final decision about his return to the screen or not. This is going to require critical thinking; however, Discovery would have to approve of his return to the boat and the show.

Josh revealed that Jake has been under quite a lot of pressure throughout his life that led him to deal with things in an unhealthy manner. However, he is now doing well and has taken up a new perspective of life.

How Jake Harris Is Living Life Now

According to Josh, Jake now has a new girlfriend who is a mother of two. Josh says Jake loves being a dad. He also mentioned that he’s so good at it that when he visits, his daughter completely ignores him for Uncle Jake.

Jake has now found a beautiful interest in kids; their innocent and unconditional love will most likely open a beautiful new chapter for him and encourage healing.

Josh revealed that Jake Harris has come to terms with bad things happening to good people. He explained that Jake now understands that life is a step-by-step process. He emphasized the family fully supporting Jake stating that together they can do it and he can still come back to the show.

Josh added lastly that everyone has bad days and getting over them is the best.

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