Seeking Sister Wife Fans Think There’s Only One Authentic Family

Seeking Sister Wife fans feel very unhappy about Dimitri Snowden and Ashley remaining on TLC. Reactions still come thick and fast after TLC fans heard that Christeline alleged that he acted abusively toward her. However, fans really don’t like the direction of the show in the current season. Many of them complain that it focuses way too much on the multiple bed partners. Now, they talk about the only family they believe is authentic. In fact, they hope for a spinoff for them.

Seeking Sister Wife Fans Unhappy With The Cast

Even before the scandal about Dimitri emerged, fans felt unhappy, In fact, many of them reacted badly when they heard the Snowdens returned again. Recall, in the last season, they dated and married Vanessa Cobbs. Popular with fans, she left them. The reveal came at the Tell All. Later, In April this year, Dimitri briefly removed access to his Instagram account. fans wondered why, but it became evident that happened as he and Ashley landed up in court.

Seeking Sister Wife fans heard that Christeline sought a restraining order against both Ashley and Dimitri for alleged abuse. Well, the court overturned it through lack of evidence and they remain on the show. In the meantime, the other wanna-be wife, Tayler Middleton gets quite vocal in support of Christeline against the couple, according to Starcasm. The outlet also noted that Vanessa Cobbs also seems supportive against the Snowdens. Perhaps that’s why fans find the Winder family so refreshing.

The Winder Family The Most Authentic, Fans Agree

Fans who watch the show don’t seem impressed with any of the newcomers on Seeking Sister Wife. So, they flock onto the Winder family Instagram in support of them. In the past couple of days, Colton Winder posted up about those people who suggest that he’s a “creep.” he spoke about one thing in his favor. He said, “love my wives and adore my children. That’s the absolute truth.” In a long post, he added, “I hope you all know that in the love I have for my family, I am definitively sincere.”

Well, he returned on May 5 and thanked Seeking Sister Wife fans who supported him in that post. Actually, he seems overwhelmed by how many kind comments and messages he received. Recall, he married Tami and they also have a wife named Sophie who gave birth to a son recently. In the comments section of his post, one fan wrote, “You all are the only family that is really genuine and in this lifestyle. The other men repulse me.”

More Praise For Seeking Sister Wife family

One TLC fan told Coltin Winder, “they need their own show ❤️.” Other fans agreed with that. Another one noted, “You’re the best husband on the show..🔥❤️ only one who seams, (sic) Genuine towards your family.” More similar comments followed.

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