Where was ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Colton When Sophie Went Into Labor?

Sophie Winder seems to be the perfect Seeking Sister wife all through the history of polygamy marriage. Even while in labor with her first child, she encouraged her husband Colton to fulfill his polygamous marital obligation with his first wife, Tami. However, that nearly caused her a lot as she waited for many hours before alerting Colton of her condition.

Tami Speaks With pop culture

In a pop culture exclusive sneak peek of Monday’s all-new Seeking Sister Wife, Sophie appeared to manage the early stage of labor with her mother by her side. Sweetly, before she went into labor, Tami (Colton’s first wife) made sure to pamper her with a pedicure. While Tami was at it, she jokingly made mention that the kind of at-home spa treatment when you can no longer reach your toes – is just one of the perks of having a sister wife.

In her words, while she spoke on camera, she said “I hope that Sophie having a baby will just be another bonding moment for both of us, that we’ll be able to just have a better understanding of each other. In the end, all babies have similar needs, and so hopefully, at least some of the time, I’ll have some good memories and tips and things to share.”

Sophie’s Labor Journey

After a successful journey of 40 weeks and four days, Seeking Sister Wife, Sophie went into labor. Howbeit, she had some extra help from her mom April as she manages to survive the night with several contractions.

Everyone in the Family is Excited about the New Baby on Its Way

Although everyone including Colton was overwhelmed to welcome a new baby into the family, Sophie revealed that she told her husband to try and get some sleep in bed with Tami (his first wife) as she deals with the “earlier, more intense part” of labor.

In her words, while she spoke in front of the camera, Sophie said “It happened to be Colton’s night with Tami, and it does seem weird, like, you’re in labor and you send your husband away, like, what is that? But, we don’t feel possessiveness over Colton. In a polygamous marriage, you learn to become selfless.”

Sophie Managed Her Labor Until the Ninth Hour.

Surprisingly, Sophie curtailed the pain she was going all through the night with her Mom April beside her. However, it became unbearable at the ninth hour, so, she signaled her mom to alert her husband Colton. Yet again while speaking on the camera about her labor journey, Sophie explained that the intensity of her labor increased. Even her mom noticed a change in the labor progression by the noises she made thereafter.

It became an emotional moment for everyone as Colton pulled in a wheelchair to help his second wife get to the hospital. Sophie’s mom, while on the ride with the seeking sister wife couple told her daughter (Sophie) that she was about to become a mother soonest. However, Sophie replied and said she wasn’t cut up for the journey.

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