Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Dannielle Merrifield Not Sure About Polygamy

Seeking Sister Wife spoilers reveal that Dannielle Merrifield may not be so sure that she wants to be in a plural marriage. On the past episode of the show, Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield finally get to meet Roberta. They have been talking to her and dating her online, but now that she is in front of them, there seems to be a lot of pressure and stress.

Meeting In Mexico

Garrick and Dannielle want to marry Roberta and they meet her in Mexico. The Brazilian beauty is excited to see them, but things seem a little weird. Dannielle agreed to get legally divorced from Garrick so that he could have two wives. One will be legal and one will be spiritual, much like the Browns on Sister Wives. Roberta is ready to marry him and move to the United States.

Dannielle is asked to be the matron of honor in the wedding and at first, it seemed like she was fine with it. She was actually thrilled, but as their time together goes on, we see her opinion shift. In the spoilers for the newest episode, Dannielle tells cameras, “I have definitely had to work through a lot of jealousy and insecurity with my own self since Garrick and I started looking for a sister wife.”

Trouble in Paradise?

It seems that Dannielle is starting to think about the changes that are coming with this new commitment. During the confessional, Garrick actually hears her and the screen goes black. He starts to get worried about what she is talking about and what to do. Then we see Roberta and Garrick both knocking on her hotel door. She looks very upset and Garrick and Roberta keep laughing and playing like nothing is wrong.

Dannielle is hurt and worried and Roberta asks her about what’s on her mind. She then confesses to cameras, “I wish that Garrick would maybe reassure me that he isn’t in this lifestyle just to leave me.”

Things really are heating up on Seeking Sister Wife. Be sure to tune in this week for more.

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