Royal Family News: No Big Party This Year to Celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s 95th Birthday

British Royal family news reveals this would be the first birthday that The Queen will celebrate without her husband in over seven decades and she’s not keen on celebrating it. At least not as usual. There won’t be gunshots fired to commemorate her birthday, or fanfares and the joyful attires. It’s an emotional moment for The Queen who lost her husband barely two weeks ago.

For those of us who are looking forward to The Queen’s birthday every year, we’re sadly not going to get it, but fortunately we understand, don’t we?

The Queen Passes Up Her Milestone 95th Birthday

While The Queen found the strength to carry on with her royal duties without the longest-serving royal consort in the history of the British Royal Family by her side, notably by addressing her first official letter without her husband’s name on it, she’s not ready to celebrate anything just yet. She lost her husband on April 9, just two months before his hundredth birthday, and while The Queen was reportedly “prepared” for her husband’s death, it was still a painful experience.

Previous years have seen The Queen and other members of the royal family mark The Queen’s birthday by sharing family portraits with the public, but this year won’t see a picture released as usual.

The Queen is currently surrounded by her loyal staff members and her three adorable dogs (who she’s been seen walking in the Frogmore gardens over the past week) at Windsor Castle, but it is expected that members of the royal family will likely visit in the coming days.

Queen Elizabeth II usually celebrates two birthdays in a year: her actual birthday and her official birthday. Only time will tell if she’ll celebrate the upcoming June birthday.

For the very first time since her over six-decade reign, the gun salutes in Hyde Park and the Tower of London did not take place last year due to the pandemic and has been cancelled this year as well.

Prince Harry is speculated to Remain for His Grandmother’s Birthday

Prince Harry was expected to leave the UK in order to go back to his American home and to his pregnant wife on Monday, but reports state that it is likely he would delay the travel in order to remain for The Queen’s milestone 95th birthday.

Meghan Markle is expecting the couple’s first daughter early summer and was denied travel by her doctor who told her that it was best she stayed behind. It is reported that Queen Elizabeth understands why Meghan couldn’t make it to her husband’s funeral. She did, however, send Harry off with a wreath and a handwritten note.

While attention was turned towards the two brothers, Prince William and Harry, (as their relationship was believed to have likely taken a strain due to recent events), they talked amicably together during their grandfather’s funeral proceedings.

Harry is also expected to travel back for his mother Princess Diana’s memorial statue unveiling at Kensington Palace on July 1 in what would have been the late Princess’ 60th birthday.

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