Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Does Dannielle Merrifield Appear in Garrick Merrifield’s Wedding to Roberta?

Seeking Sister Wife spoilers show that Garrick Merrifield and his girlfriend, Roberta are planning on getting married. This comes after we found out that the legal divorce between his wife, Dannielle Merrifield has been finalized. In order to be in a polygamous marriage with Roberta, the couple had to legally divorce to add her into their marriage. Roberta and Garrick are making wedding plans, but where does Dannielle stand in all of this?

A Mexico Wedding

In the newest trailer for the next episode of Seeking Sister Wife, we will see Dannielle and Garrick welcoming Roberta to their hotel in Mexico. Roberta calls Dannielle her sister and calls Garrick her husband. In the clip, we see Garrick pretty much all over Roberta while Dannielle is just sitting there with a strange look on her face. Clearly, Garrick feels a lot more emotion toward Roberta.

The couple is passing a phone back and forth to translate what they are saying to Roberta since her English isn’t the best yet. The wedding planning starts and Roberta has a lot to share with the producers. She tells them that she will be an easy bride and “I do my best to appreciate every positive intention of every person that’s pouring their love into this ceremony. I try to listen and analyze a lot.”

Who Will Be in the Wedding?

Garrick has made it clear that he wants Dannielle to be the maid of honor in their wedding. Even Dannielle seems to be onboard with this and she tells cameras, “Being the matron of honor for Bert and Garrick’s ceremony will be very special because I’ll also be able to feel like I’m a part of it and it’s not just about Garrick and Roberta.”

This seems a little odd and even viewers aren’t sure if this is the best idea for the Merrifields. We will just have to wait and see what happens.

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