This Is Us: Did Milo Ventimiglia Hint At Future Spin-Off?

When This Is Us premiered, one actor didn’t just catch our attention: He captured our focus.

Season after season on This Is Us, the ultimate father, played by Milo Ventimiglia, showed us the depths of his acting ability. Whether displaying a man torn by the demons from his past (a verbally abusive father), an alcoholic at first unaware of his addiction’s depths, a young man in love for the first time, or dedicated dad of triplets Jack Pearson with a special love for his little girl Kate, Milo has held onto our hearts and minds on every episode of This Is Us.

Now Ventimiglia is opening up about his own favorite stars on This Is Us. (And shhh! We think Milo just might have let out a few plot twists… or even potential spin-offs!).

Milo Ventimiglia: This Is Us Ultimate Dad Names Favorite Co-Stars

Ventimiglia admitted that he wishes he could spend more time acting with several specific co-stars.

“I’m always hoping for time with Sterling [K. Brown] on set,” said Milo of the talented actor who plays the grown-up version of adopted triplet Randall.  Ventimiglia didn’t neglect the adult versions of his other triplets.

“I’m always hoping for time with Chrissy [Metz] on set. I’m always hoping for time with Justin [Hartley],” added the actor.  Specifically, Milo wishes he could portray the “parent-child” relationship that an older Jack Pearson might have with the triplets.

In addition, Ventimiglia would like to act more with Ron Cephas Jones as William and the two actors who play his daughter-in-law and son-in-law, Susan Kalachi and Chris Sullivan.

Did Milo Ventimiglia Just Hint At This Is Us Plot Twist or Spin-Off?

Although Milo says he isn’t certain how season 5 of This Is Us will end, Ventimiglia is aware of certain plot twists. And he clarified that there’s a non-plot reason for his lack of information from This Is Us creator Don Fogelman.

“In a non-COVID world, [creator Dan] Fogelman is on set often,” revealed Ventimiglia. “He’s sitting by the campfire telling stories about what the next several episodes are going to look like or what’s going to happen in the end. But with COVID protocols, we don’t see Dan on set as often.”

With that said, Milo clarified that Fogelman has established that the central storyline calls for six seasons total. And that means his comments about which co-stars he wants to play off the most holds certain clues.

Here are some possible ramifications:

A show with dream sequences: Could This Is Us give us an entire episode with each triplet’s dream of what a future with Jack could involve? That would give Milo the chance he desires to act with the adult versions of his triplets and their spouses, as well as portray the grandpa of the grown-up triplets’ offspring.

A spin-off giving us more depth about the triplets. The NBC show has sought to give equal time not just to the “Big Three” triplets but to the extended family. What if a spin-off featured the Big Three, taking us back through their childhood, adolescent, and possible futures if Jack had lived?

Ultimately, as Ventimiglia noted, “everything has an ending. If there’s a beginning, there’s always an ending.”

And like Milo, we know the ending of This Is Us will eventually arrive. Although we plan to follow his advice to “just live in the present,” we’re holding onto hope that Dan Fogelman will find a way to let us enjoy the superb acting of his ensemble just a few seasons more.

Do you think there is a This Is Us spinoff coming?  Let us know in the comments below, keep checking TV Soap Videos for more This Is Us spoilers and news.

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