Mama June Critic Remembers Deadpool During Premiere

Mama June: Road to Redemption premiered on Friday night but some people seem sick of the ugly story. WEtv revealed over the seasons that June Shannon took up with Geno Doak and then began her long slide into serious drug addiction. In the current season, fans see that June went to rehab, and she gobbled up enough junk food to put on 60 pounds of weight. She and Geno look like slobs, even if they are sober ones. And that brought to mind the old Deadpool quote on Twitter.

Mama June Trends After The Premiere But Some Fans Feel Disgusted

Ahead of the premiere, June Shannon starred in a teaser for the WEtv show. Previously, in Family Crisis, fans saw she looked woefully wrecked. She sold her home, became estranged from her daughters, and delighted the tabloids with her lowlife exploits. After selling her possessions and her home, June abandoned the family and set off in an RV. Appearing haggard and under the weather, they later appeared in casinos blowing June’s money. Or rather what was left of it after they ran up a drug addiction that cost them nearly $3,000 a day.

At the end of Mama June: Family Crisis, June looked terrible but finally accepted she needed rehab. However, fans hated the way she steadfastly refused to reach out when her family hoped for intervention. Facing a jail term for alleged possession of drugs and paraphernalia, some fans thought WEtv should drop the show. Or, at least keep June and Geno off it. Now she and Geno returned, some critics can’t stomach much more of the tragic story. One disgusted critic recalled the nauseating quote by Marvel’s Deadpool.

Deadpool Quote Cited By WEtv Critic

While WEtv pushed the Mama June season for its educational value about the destructive effects of drugs, not everyone lauded it. Especially, when they saw the teaser that showed June shoving junk food down her throat. Slurping, she tucked straight into sprinkles, hit the icecream, and chomped down candies cherries. Then came the ice cream. No wonder she piled on the weight again. So, it looked like she merely swapped one addiction for another. Grossed out by the family, critics on Twitter slammed the show.

One of them asked, “Isn’t #MamaJune the mom who stayed with the man who molested her child? Why is she still on TV?”

And another one wrote, “Imagine having a life where you give a f–k or even know what a #MamaJune is. I vaguely remember it had something to do with a weekly televised train wreck.”

Then, someone who recalled Deadpool chimed in. So, if the show Mama June show already turns your stomach, here are the contents of the tweet:

“I see #MamaJune trending and am once again reminded of how Deadpool described the whole world as tasting like Mama June after hot yoga, and how that itself tastes like two hobos f–king in a shoe filled with piss.” Additionally, the critic said, “Thanks Mr. Pool, really looking forward to tonight’s dinner now.

Origins Of The Quote

If you don’t read the Marvel comics or watch the movies, you might not know about Deadpool. Or his connection to Mama June. IMDb reminds fans that Deadpool was a “wisecracking mercenary” who underwent an immortal transformation. But he looks really ugly. So, he set off for revenge on the appearance-killer. The actual conversation went like this:

Deadpool: Love is a beautiful thing. When you find it, the whole world tastes like Daffodil Daydream. So you gotta hold onto love… tight! And never let go. Don’t make the same mistakes I did. Got it?

Dopinder: Yeah.
Deadpool: Or the whole world tastes like Mama June after hot yoga.
Dopinder: Sir, what does Miss Mama June taste like?
Deadpool: Like two hobos f–king in a shoe filled with piss.

So, how do you feel about June Shannon returning to WEtv? Does it turn your stomach?

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