This Is Us Spoilers: More Of Beth’s Mom In New Episodes

This Is Us spoilers say Mama C’s appearance started out as a short term visit could turn out a lot longer than anyone expected, Randall especially.

Mama C Running Randall’s House

Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) and Randall (Sterling K. Brown) invited Beth’s mother, Carol (Phylicia Rashad), to watch their girls while they visited New Orleans to learn more about Randall’s birth mother. Carol was like their life-saver when she agreed to hop over and watch the girls while they’re gone on This Is Us.

But the problem starts when the couple gets home to Philly and finds Carol running the house and directing the girls. It doesn’t take a few more days for her to get on Beth and Randall’s last nerves on This Is Us, as she especially spends her time critiquing Beth’s every move, from her parenting to her housekeeping skills.

Beth and Randall try to get through the remaining days problem-free, glad that Carol would be leaving soon, but that’s where the surprise comes in as Carol announces that she’ll be staying another week.

This Is Us spoilers say Carol starts out immediately after announcing her delayed departure to critic Beth’s big family meal, driving Beth to the edge and making her lash out at her mother, saying that there’s nothing wrong with their loud and messy family and they can’t feel like they’re back to normal, “until you go home and take all the judgment with you.”

Carol Tensions Rise On This Is Us

This Is Us spoilers show Carol then leaves the dinner table in a huff of anger, determined to go and pack her things. Beth later decides to follow her and try to console her, and after a little argument between the two ladies, they both make up.

Carol confessed that she’s only been extending her stay with the family because she’s envious of Beth’s loud and messy home, saying that she feels quite lonely in her quiet house.

When Beth comes downstairs later, Randall learns really disturbing news that Carol would be staying indefinitely. Before Randall could get over the shock of the news to argue, Beth genially adds, “Your entire family treats our house like a Ramada Inn. It’s my turn.” Try and argue with that!

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