Christine Brown Says Sister Wives Have More Freedom Than Monogamous Marriages

Christine Brown believes Sister Wives more freedom in plural marriage than in a monogamous relationship. Kody Brown’s wife Christine doesn’t want a man underfoot every day and is happy that way. Would a monogamous relationship put unwanted restrictions on Christine?

Christine Brown Loves Her Sister Wives Freedom

Sister Wives’ Christine loves having the freedom to pack up and go whenever she wants. Christine doesn’t have to clear her outings with her children through Kody Brown, she can just pack up and go. Christine says she couldn’t imagine having one man around every night. Christine doesn’t fathom the concept of this type of relationship.

As a matter of fact, Christine Brown says that could cramp her style because since she married Kody in 1994, she has never had that. Christine loves her freedom and her independence which could very well be a huge reason she doesn’t want to live in a house with the other wives. It seems that Christine likes her privacy and doesn’t particularly want to answer to anyone.

Living Alone Is Extra Work, According To Sister Wives Cast Member

Sister wives Christine admits that living alone is sometimes extra work. If something breaks down, she doesn’t have a man there to fix it. Christine says she has to call the repairman if needed. It seems that there are some things that Kody cannot do.

However, Christine is perfectly happy with this arrangement since she can walk around the house with no makeup in what she refers to as her most gross outfit eating popcorn with her girls. Christine Brown admits that she loves to travel with her girls and not have to talk about their experiences with anyone else.

Christine Has Empathy For The Other Wives

Although Sister wives Christine enjoys her freedom she does have empathy for the other wives. The first wife, Meri Brown, has had issues with Kody for several years now. However, Meri seems to make things work on her own. Meri has her business as well as the bed and breakfast in Utah. Meri’s daughter is about to get married as well.

Meri Brown tries to keep busy and continue to work on herself. However, Meri also expresses a desire to possibly have a one-family home, something Christine is dead set against. One house may have some advantages, however, Christine seems to prefer to come and go as she pleases. In reality, Christine’s pros about plural marriage could also be said about single life as well.

Would Christine Brown prefer to be single and just doesn’t realize that?  Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Sister Wives right now. Come back here often for Sister wives spoilers, news, and Christine Brown updates.

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