Captain Johnathan To Return For Season Seventeen Of Deadliest Catch

Guess who’s back?! Dear old Captain Johnathan. Fans of the show Deadliest Catch will be thrilled when it was announced that their favorite cast member, Captain Johnathan Hillstrand will be making a return to the series. He was in season sixteen, helping out his fellow Captain Anderson Jake to make a catch on board his boat, Saga.

Well, what can ardent followers of the show expect from the charismatic Captain Johnathan?

Can Captain Johnathan Preserve The Crab Population…Again?

The current coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc in every sector of the global economy. The fishing sector is not exempted from its rampaging effects. Alert from the impact on the fishing sector, the crab species have also been affected by the pandemic.

Crab fishing is rampant on the seas, with illegal fishers having a field day during the height of the spread of COVID-19. It is not only the unlawful harvesting of crabs that the crew will face in season seventeen, as they will also be dealing with the activities of illicit anglers of Russian origins.

That’s why Captain Johnathan has had to come back for the new season, as he is adept at preserving the population of both fish and crab species to a sustainable quantity. This is something that Captain Sig Hansen of the Northwestern region acknowledges in his quest to get a team of the best hands to preserve the viability of the crab fishing sector.

Fans of the show will be eager to see how Johnathan and Sig get to work together in a team.

Will The Time Bandit Also Make A Return?

There is no doubt that followers of the Deadliest Catch series will be excited at Captain Johnathan returning to the show. But then, they are found to ask the question: “Will the Time Bandit also make a comeback?”

The Time Bandit is the renowned boat of Captain Johnathan, one that he has used without fail in previous seasons. The favored boat of Johnathan is something of a relic, with its black painting giving it the captivating view of a typical pirate ship.

Captain Johnathan has hinted that the Time Banditmihht be returning to the show with some tweets from his Twitter account. He uploaded two pictures with one showing the boat in all its glory, while the second picture shows his wife carrying out maintenance on the boat.

The Time Bandit was to be used during the filming of season sixteen, but logistics could not cover the budget for making use of the boat. The boat which is owned by Johnathan and his two brothers, Neal and Andy, was put up for sale at a sum of over $2million.

Boerhat Johnathan is back for season seventeen, one wonders If his brothers will be tagging along. From all indications, Neal is up for returning as a not crew member, but Andy is not yet keen on the idea as he says he has not gone fishing for a long time.

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