Justin Hartley: Playing A Dad On ‘This Is Us’ Is A Piece Of Cake

When This Is Us first began, Justin Hartley’s role as Kevin Pearson involved playing a nanny on a sitcom called The Manny. Justin Hartley’s (age 44) daughter Isabella certainly gave him practice.  For some reason, the opportunity to act goofy, hold a cute baby, and flaunt his muscles didn’t exactly appeal to Kevin though.

Fast-forward a few This Is Us seasons, and the once-upon-a-time manny now needs a nanny. The most recent This Is Us episode showed Kevin becoming a father. And it was quite a journey, literally.

Kevin (Justin Hartley) was able to be there for his baby mama Madison and twins only by leaping into larger-than-life drama: Jack Pearson’s son quit his job by walking out on Robert De Niro, then did a Planes, Trains and Automobiles type of journey while saving a man’s life. So what’s next? Welcome to fatherhood, erstwhile Manny.

While the memories of Jack and advice from his brother Randall may help Kevin to manny up and parent his twins on This Is Us, Justin’s real life should be a benefit as well. Hartley has years of experience as a parent.

Justin Hartley Instagram: Daughter Isabella Takes Center Stage

Although This is Us earns top billing on his Instagram page, Justin has shared photos of his daughter Isabella to social media. Scroll through and the actor’s love for his no-longer-a-baby girl is evident:

At age 44, Justin Hartley has experienced all the phases of parenting that his character, Kevin, lacks. He’s survived the poopy diaper stage, the quick-childproof-the-house-she’s-walking years, the “do your homework or no TV” tug-of-war, and (although it will be years before Kevin’s twins need this), now Justin is learning how to be the dad to a teenager who wants to drive her own car.

At 16, Isabella is thrilled to take driving lessons from her dad. Does Hartley agree? “Terrifying” rather than delighted is the actor’s summary of the experience.

This Is Us Cast: Justin Hartley’s Daughter Gets Behind The Wheel

“The other day I take her [Isabella] out and I’m doing the father-daughter thing. I’m tryna teach her how to fill up the tank with gas and all this kind of stuff, thinking, maybe change a tire in a couple weeks,” he commented. “We fill up the tank and we’re getting comfortable. And I go into the gas station and I have a sweet tooth so I just stock up on gummy bears.”

The two climbed back in the car. With Justin’s daughter Isabella driving, Hartley relaxed in the passenger seat and chomped his way through his bag of gummy bears.

“And as I’m eating them—I’m shoving them in my mouth like a child—and I look up and we are cruising through a four-way—a red light! Just reckless!” revealed Justin.

We’re betting that when Hartley plays Kevin looking terrified at parenting not one but two babies, he’s channeling some of that experience with daughter Isabella. Will This Is Us give us a glimpse of the twins reaching the age where Kevin needs to teach them to drive? We’re looking forward to the answer!

Did you know Justin Hartley had a daughter?  Let us know in the comments below. Check back here for more Justin Hartley news and 2021 updates, plus This Is Us spoilers.

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