Sister Wives Spoilers: Meri’s Emotions A Burden, Kody Says Relationship Has ‘No Value’

Sister Wives spoilers and updates reveal that things haven’t improved with Kody Brown and his first wife. He’s not interested in fixing the relationship and refuses to “burden” himself with Meri Brown’s emotions. He also states that the relationship has no value, so why do they continue living with each other? Meri is extremely successful, so she would have no issues living on her own.

Years Of Problems And Resentment

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that Kody and Meri have gone through problems for many years. It all seemed to start when Meri was only able to give Kody one child, Mariah Brown. Then Meri got involved in a catfishing scheme. The catfisher was actually a woman and ended up writing a book about her manipulative game, Meri, and the Brown family. There have been a lot of other problems too. But one thing fans have always noticed is how Kody and the other wives treated Meri.

Meri Brown’s Emotions A ‘Burden’

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that Kody has never been very patient or understanding when it comes to a woman’s emotions. Whenever one (or all) of his wives are sad, frustrated, stressed, or angry, his only response seems to be to snap at them, roll his eyes, or walk away. When he spoke about Meri, he seemed to imply that she’s too emotional and considers her expressing feelings a “burden” on him.

“For all of my marriage with Meri, I’ve felt like she unloads her emotions into a burden that I’m supposed to carry. I’m not carrying this burden. There’s no reason that I should.”

Well, pardon her for being a human being. Now we understand why she’s learned to “disconnect” when she’s around Kody or the other wives.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Relationship Has ‘No Value’

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that Kody admits not even trying to improve or resolve issues with Meri. He thinks there really isn’t any point and has no interest in repairing the problems. He explains that the relationship has “no value” and claims Meri feels the same way. We did hear her say the marriage was “dead,” but that was in response to Kody’s cruel comments during therapy. But she seems to actually want a decent relationship with Kody.

Kody Brown Has Back-Up Wives

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that when Kody said that he has no interest in working on his relationship with Meri, there’s a reason why. He basically explained that there’s no point because he has three other relationships that are doing just fine. It sounds like when one marriage goes bad, he can just go to his “back-up wives.”

“I haven’t put effort into that relationship specifically because I have three other relationships that are rewarding and wholesome and with children that need me..”

Sister Wives Updates: Meri Brown In Denial

According to The Hollywood Gossip, Meri seems to be in denial or holding onto hope. She has certain hopes for her relationship with Kody. She said that the ball is in his court now and she has learned not to “push” him. So, she’s just going to sit around and wait for him to want to improve things with her? That he’s suddenly going to love her as she wants? Since he says there is no love there, Meri will be waiting until the end of time and still won’t get what she wants.

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