This Is Us Season 5 Spoilers: Miguel And Rebecca’s Backstory, Relationship Unfolds Through The Decades

This Is Us season 5 spoilers reveal that fans have been curious about Miguel Rivas (Jon Huertas) and Rebecca Pearson’s (Mandy Moore) backstory. It is teased that we will learn what these two have done for each other, how their romance developed, and what makes Rebecca’s marriage different from the one she had with Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia).

Rebecca Pearson’s Past Timelines

This Is Us season 5 spoilers reveal that creator Dan Fogelman spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about what to expect with Rebecca. He confirmed that we will see Rebecca face the challenges of living with cognitive impairment. We will learn how Miguel copes with that and we’ll also find out about Rebecca’s past.

“It’s obviously a challenging chapter for Rebecca moving forward. We have a big storyline planned for Mandy in the next upcoming season in present-day as an older woman and also her past timelines. That will include a deeper look into Rebecca and Miguel’s relationship throughout the decades.”

This Is Us Season 5 Spoilers: Complex Marriage

We don’t know a lot about Miguel and Rebecca’s relationship over the years. After Jack’s death, Miguel was there to help Rebecca and the children. But at some point, the friendship turned into something more. It has been previously stated that Rebecca’s marriage to Miguel is very different from what she experienced with Jack. During a recent episode, Rebecca thanked her husband for everything, including handling “the complexity of their marriage.” It was also teased that both of them deal with Jack’s death. However, each handles it in different ways.

This Is Us Spoilers: Miguel Rivas’ Relationship Explored In Season 6

As for when fans can expect to see the backstory of the couple, it won’t be this season. There is a reason for this. Fogelman told Glamour that there is a plan for telling the couple’s story. This Is Us season 5 spoilers reveal that it will actually be part of a bigger story. Of course, we will also find out how their relationship affects all the other story branches of the series. More recently, co-executive producer and writer Vera Herbert clarified to Entertainment Weekly that Miguel and Rebecca’s history will be explained in season 6.

“I think it’s probably more likely going to be next season, because it’s the thing that when we dive into it, we really want to have the room to explore it. But it’s definitely coming — and it’s a thing we talk about a lot.”

What do you think of Miguel and Rebecca’s relationship, especially as the cognitive impairment storyline plays out? Are you interested in finding out more about their backstory? We will keep you posted with new developments and updated information as it becomes available.

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