Love After Lockup News: Is Lacey Whitlow Still Pregnant

Did Love After Lockup’s Lacey Whitlow have her baby?  Lacey’s on-again husband Shane Whitlow may have just dropped a huge hint on Instagram about his pregnant wife and their baby boy or girl.  Is Lacey still pregnant?

We watched Lacey Whitlow drive to prison to meet Shane Whitlow on their very first season of Love After Lockup.  Then, for several episodes of Life After Lockup Lacey flip-flopped between Shane and her other prison beau John Slater.

Lacey Whitlow Reveals Pregnancy On Life After Lockup

In new Life After Lockup 2020 episodes, Lacey and Shane dropped a bomb on viewers at home.  Not only had the couple got back together, again, but they were trying to get pregnant and paying for IVF treatments.  We were all shocked when it was revealed that Lacey was pregnant, with not one baby, but THREE!

Sadly, the pregnant Love After Lockup cast member lost two of the babies, Lacey Whitlow was open and honest with Instagram followers about the miscarriage.  Lacey and Shane have been rather private about the pregnancy since then, other than an occasional ultrasound picture.

Of course, we all know there’s nothing private about Lacey Whitlow, in fact you can pay to see just about any angle of her on Only Fans, but do to contract reasons with WEtv, the couple has been trying to keep the pregnancy and baby under wraps.

Has Lacey Whitlow had her baby, is she even still pregnant?  It is literally impossible to use Life After Lockup episodes to create any pregnancy timeline, the series is notorious for airing footage out of order, doctoring scenes, and recreating drama for the cameras.  The camera crew and producers have been called out for years by fans for their chronological errors, yet we all keep tuning in for more.

Shane Whitlow posted a photo of himself and wife Lacey on Instagram recently, and she clearly is not pregnant in the picture.  Fans began clamoring for details and asking about the baby, of course the Life After Lockup couple kept mum.

Life After Lockup Spoilers: Did Lacey Whitlow Have Her Baby

Did Shane just post an old photo before Lacey was pregnant?  Or did she manage to have a whole baby and keep his or her birth a secret?  In October 2020, episodes of Love After Lockup aired confirming Lacey was pregnant, however photos were shared of her looking very pregnant a few months before those episodes even aired.

We’re not great at math, but most women are only pregnant nine months.  If Lacey was already 3-4 months pregnant in November when the news was confirmed on TV, then her due date is either any day now, or has already passed and she and Shane have a new little one at home.  Regardless, we will never know until Lacey’s baby is born on TV, and at the rate WEtv drags out Life After Lockup episodes, the kid could be in Kindergarten by then.

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