Sister Wives Spoilers: Kody Brown Dragged For Lack Of Involvement In Mykelti’s Pregnancy

Sister Wives News reveals that show patriarch Kody Brown got serious shade after his wife Christine Brown’s recent Instagram post. It all had to so with their daughter Mykelti’s pregnancy and we have the details about it for you here.

Why did the fans drag the blonde hunk? They were wondering why Kody wasn’t more involved in his daughter Mykelti’s pregnancy and specifically why he wasn’t at her baby shower.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Where Has Kody Brown Been?

One fan spared no mercy in talking up his seeming lack of excitement at being a grandfather and actually questioned his interest in his daughter’s child.

Well, some Sister Wives fans weren’t having it. They jumped to Kody’s defense and noted that men traditiaonlly aren’t at baby showers. To be fair, that traditionally has waned considerably more recently.

Which is a point that was highlighted by the photos taken at the shower. Mykelti’s siblings and her husband Tony were all at the baby shower and clearly enjoying themselves.

Seeing this to be the case the fans went all in again on Kody.

Should Kody Have Been at a Baby Shower?

No one could ask Kody his reason for being absent and so in the vacuum fans began to speculate like crazy.

Some Sister Wives fans guessed that he was probably with his favorite wife Robyn Brown. Some took it further and launched into a tirade about his supposed disinterest in his daughter.

Yet there were those Kody fans who once again came to his defense. In trying to give the guy the benefit of the doubt, they noted that there is no way to know if Kody was actually there or not; maybe he just want in the pictures?

Could it be that the granddad to be was camera shy?

Sister Wives Spoilers: Is Kody Brown Camera Shy?

Kody himself isn’t very active on social media so viewers who want a concrete answer probably shouldn’t go looking for pictures of him at the shower on his socials.

In that sense he and Sister Wives cast member Robyn are alike, whereas the other three wives love posting, just not about Kody. In particular Meri Brown has made it clear that it’s no one’s business what she and her husband get up to. Or don’t.

What do you think Sister Wives fans? Was Kody Brown actually at the baby shower? Tell us why you think he was absent or present.

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