This Is Us Season 5, Episode 6 Spoilers: Randall Learns Laurel’s Heartbreaking Story In ‘Birth Mother’

This Is Us season 5, episode 6 spoilers reveal that Randall Pearson (Sterling K. Brown) is going to get the answers to all of his questions next week. He’s going to travel to New Orleans to visit Hai (Vien Hong), who was a friend of his mother’s. Randall thinks his mother didn’t look for him, but he will find out that Laurel (Jennifer C. Holmes) woke up and her baby was gone.

‘Birth Mother’ Synopsis

The synopsis for This Is Us season 5, episode 6 from NBC doesn’t reveal too much. Thankfully, we have the promo which shows it will be incredibly emotional.

“Randall uncovers new truths about his past.”

William Hill Thought Laurel Died

This Is Us season 5, episode 6 spoilers reveal that Randall realized that it was true when Hai said that William believed that Laurel died. It was heartbreaking and a relief to Randall all at the same time.

Relieved that his father didn’t lie about Laurel, but devastated to think that he never knew she survived the overdose. But then it opens up so many more questions for Randall. After decades of questions, Randall is finally going to get the answers he’s been searching for.

This Is Us Season 5, Episode 6 Spoilers: A Mom’s Anguish

The promo for “Birth Mother” shows Laurel’s story and it is absolutely heartbreaking. She wakes up in the hospital after being saved from death by a paramedic. She opens her eyes, sits straight up in bed and panics, asking, “Where’s my baby?”

Paramedics only brought Laurel, so nobody knows where her baby is. What fans know is that William believed Laurel was dead, so he took the baby and slipped away before the police got there. He didn’t stick around long enough to see Laurel be brought back from death’s door.

Disappeared Without A Trace

At some point, Laurel met Hai and it appears that they became good friends, maybe even lovers. She shared her story with him, so Hai knew of William and Randall. We imagine that Laurel might have searched for her baby. However, there was no baby name, there were no footprints, no DNA, not even a photo or description. He wasn’t even being born in a hospital, so there are zero records of Randall, including his real birthday. It would have been next to impossible to find him.

Randall Pearson’s Most Emotional Scene Yet

This Is Us season 5, episode 6 spoilers reveal that the promo shows Randall crying as he listens to Laurel’s heartbreaking story. What makes this even more devastating is that Laurel and Randall will never meet. Laurel died in 2005 from breast cancer never knowing if her baby was alive or dead, what he looked like, what kind of man he became or if he even had a happy childhood.

And for Randall, he will only know his mother from photographs and Hai’s stories. It will give him answers, but it’s certainly not the same as being able to touch his mother and feel her embrace. Get out your tissues for next Tuesday because it’s guaranteed to be Randall’s most emotional episode yet.

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