This Is Us Season 5 Spoilers: Kevin And Madison Grow To Love Each Other? Justin Hartley Hints Future

This Is Us season 5 spoilers reveal that Kevin Pearson is going to be the father of twins. He wants to make the “instant family” work with his one-night stand, Madison (Caitlin Thompson). However, is being a happy little family possible when they don’t really know each other, are not in love and seem to be opposites? Actor Justin Hartley indicated there is hope.

Justin Hartley Teases ‘Amazing Story’

This Is Us season 5 spoilers reveal that Kevin and Madison are going to try and make things work. Not only do they have a baby coming, but two of them. Even though it definitely wasn’t planned, Hartley did sound positive when talking about the storyline. That gives us the indication that things work out positively. He told TV Line,

“[It’s] an amazing story. I love the fact that it’s not your traditional ‘get married, have kids and then struggle with raising them… It’s sort of an odd pairing, and they’re trying to make it work.They have an affection toward one another, but I don’t know how deep it is yet.”

This Is Us Season 5 Spoilers: The Keyword Is ‘Yet’

Hartley’s statement about Kevin and Madison having affection, even though it’s not love, is a positive. It means they don’t hate each other (at least not yet!) One important keyword that Hartley used was “yet” when he discussed not knowing how deep that affection is. I always view “yet” as a positive because it suggests a possibility.

Appreciating The Journey

This Is Us season 5 spoilers indicate that Kevin and Madison’s journey won’t be easy. They will learn what gets under the other’s skin, lines might be accidentally crossed, there could be challenges with communicating effectively and so on. However, part of the journey is learning about each other. While they will have their pet peeves, they also might find traits in each other that are admirable.

Growing To Love Each Other?

In past generations, there were arranged marriages and people tying the knot with someone they barely knew. Sometimes, these people ended up growing to love one another. Hartley is right that you can’t force love, but that’s different from “growing into love.” I would like to think that maybe this will be a similar situation for Kevin and Madison. One positive about this untraditional relationship is how committed Kevin is to making it work. He is going to make mistakes and a lot of them, but having that determination will keep him pushing forward when others would give up.

What do you think is going to happen with Kevin and Madison? Will they be able to make it work with twins on the way? Can they possibly grow into love and be a happy family or is this relationship doomed to fail? This Is Us returns to NBC on January 5, 2021.

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