’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Mike’s Uncle Beau Is Revealed To Have A Criminal Record!

TLC’s “90 Day Fiancé” stars Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva are having a bit of a difference of opinion as to living arrangements when she doesn’t want to live with Mike when “a stranger” lives with them also. But that’s not the half of it – Mike maintains his uncle Beau “Bojangles” Lawrence is part of the deal, but he’s got a long, long criminal record that Natalie doesn’t know about as well!

In Season Seven Mike And Natalie’s Relationship Was Chaotic Enough, But Beau Provided Comic Relief

“90 Day Fiancé” fans who watched season seven will recall that Mike and Natalie had plenty of drama with each other, although his Uncle Beau provided quite a bit of comic relief! If there ever has been anyone who a Deep South redneck would call a “crazy cooter” it would definitely be Mike’s Uncle Beau, nicknamed “Bojangles”.

He was probably nicknamed for a chain restaurant popular in the southern United States, featuring Cajun-fried chicken and called “Bojangles”. Mike won’t get rid of Bojangles to make room for Natalie, and she will just have to adjust, and maybe put up or shut up. After all he is Mike’s uncle and he will not put him out so she can have the farmhouse and farm mostly to herself aside from Mike and his pretty kitty cat friend! Natalie probably doesn’t like having to share the spotlight let alone the living arrangements.

She even snubbed Mike in season seven by returning his family heirloom ring to him which he had proposed with. He went back to Washington State, hurt and offended, while she went back to the Ukraine. But, somehow in between season seven and the new season, they managed to make up long-distance and applied for the K-1 visa. It was approved in record time, and now the couple has only ninety days once Natalie arrives to work out their problems and marry!

Bojangles Might Be A Bigger Problem To Work Out Than Natalie Cares To

Bojangles has a long, long criminal record in his past. It might be that being with his nephew Mike working on the farm outside of Sequim, Washington is the only employment he could get. Mike would probably be wise not to mention Uncle Beau’s past to Natalie. Just look at this laundry list of past offenses and incarcerations!

According to an article in Screen Rant, Beau’s criminal record dates clear back to 1994 when he was just 24. A disclaimer on the article proclaims that charges and arrests are not necessarily proof of guilt or evidence that crimes were committed. But Bojangles was arrested in 2016 and he does have lengthy criminal histories in Arizona as well as Washington.

Most are for drugs and alcohol offenses although there were also some for “illegal fishing”! Fishing without a license, perhaps? That misdemeanor shouldn’t even show up on a rap sheet! Here are the charges: 04/16/2007 – Possession of liquor in a vehicle – Found Guilty; 09/28/2007 – Aggravated DUI while on a suspended license – Dismissed, but still shows a pattern of drunk driving. 09/28/2007 – DUI – Guilty. See, we told you! 11/25/2007 – Marijuana violation – No complaint.

If no one complained we don’t understand why the charge is listed. Probably because it led to this charge on 11/30/2007 – Drug paraphernalia possession/use – Guilty as charged. Here is another one – 11/30/2007 – Marijuana violation – Dismissed. The charges from November 2007 all seem to be connected. However, around the same time period here are some more serious charges: 10/14/2007 – Assault with intent – reckless injury – Guilty. 11/25/2007 – Assault and disorderly conduct – Dismissed. Maybe connected to the drug and drinking related charges. 05/06/2008 – Aggravated assault – Dismissed. 05/06/2008 – Assault with Intent – Dismissed.

These were obviously combined charges. Bojangles appears to have behaved himself for a couple of years, or else he was incarcerated. Then, 10/28/2011 – Assault with Intent – Guilty. 01/03/2012 – Assault with Intent – Guilty. 09/13/2012 – Aggravated assault – Guilty. Most recently Bojangles’ record shows a conviction for assault with a deadly weapon, repeat instances of alleged assault, and a domestic violence charge in 2016, and before that he was in prison for 18 months in Arizona for aggravated assault. Considering all these past charges, Mike would do well to not have Beau in the same house with Natalie!

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