‘Life After Lockup’ News: Shawn Learns Lover Engaged To Multiple Men, Destinie Disappears With Credit Card And Car

Life After Lockup star Shawn Osborne has always insisted on being in love with Destinie. However, viewers suspected from the start that Destinie Folsom might be scamming him. He has ignored every single red flag, but now she has disappeared with a brand new car and Shawn’s credit card. He will also find out that he’s not the only man she’s engaged to.

Ignoring All The Red Flags

Even though everyone wants Shawn to find love again and be happy, not a lot of people were on board with him dating Destinie. There have been red flags from the very beginning, even before she was released from prison. However, Shawn refused to accept what was so clear to everyone else and now he could be paying the price for it — literally.

Destinie Folsom Takes Off

Shawn is already on the hook for $50,000 if Destinie doesn’t show up in court. Now the Life After Lockup cast member has disappeared, along with a brand new car and Shawn’s credit card. It seems that she got what she wanted from him and now she has done the disappearing act. She isn’t responding to any of Shawn’s phone calls or text messages. However, Shawn is in for another bombshell.

Life After Lockup: Engaged To Multiple Men

Shawn isn’t the only man Destinie is engaged to. Apparently, she is also engaged to two other men. Shawn is trying to wrap his head around what is happening and how he could have been so wrong. One of Shawn’s colleagues basically tells him that this is what Destine does… woos men, takes their money and then goes on to her next victim.

Then, Shawn tries to contact Destinie’s sister and she’s also avoiding his calls. So now he suspects that the two siblings were in on the scam together.

What do you think is going to happen with Shawn Osborne? Do you believe that Destinie Folsom will go to court or will her scammed lover be out of $50,000? Will the car and credit card be returned? Will she be forced to be held accountable since this is all filmed or is Shawn being forced to learn an expensive and painful lesson? We will have to keep watching the reality show on WEtv to find out.

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