‘Life After Lockup’ News: Michael And Sarah’s Custody Hearing Arrives, But One Doesn’t Show Up

Life After Lockup spoilers reveals that Michael Simmons never shows up for the child custody hearing. A sneak peek clip shows Sarah Simmons waiting for her ex and she even tried calling him a few times. The final phone call she made was in the courthouse, presumably right before the hearing was about to begin. Keep reading to find out why he never showed up.

Sarah Simmons Waits And Calls

In the Life After Lockup video clip, Sarah is sitting on a bench outside in the cold. She tries to call Michael, but he doesn’t pick up. Even though she and Michael are not together anymore, she says that she wants to get full custody the right way, not just based on him not showing up. Eventually, she gives up and heads to court. But she does make one more phone call before the hearing begins. However, he still doesn’t show up and never answers the phone.

Crew Catches Up To Michael Simmons

The Life After Lockup film crew catches up to Michael. They ask him what happened and why he didn’t show up at court that morning. He says that he set the alarm on his phone but it either never went off or he slept through it. He admits that it’s nobody else’s fault by his own. But there is a reason why he was too dead tired to get up.

Life After Lockup: Partying Night Before Court

It seems that Life After Lockup cast member Michael was out on the town the night before the child custody hearing. Flashes of him drinking in a bar or club are seen. He’s drinking with a young woman and they seem like they are having a great time. As the screen goes back to the present, beer bottle caps are seen all over the dresser.

Will Mother Get Full Custody?

Sarah admits that it is possible that the court could give her sole custody because Michael didn’t show up. Of course, there are judges who will give people another chance or reschedule the hearing. However, most of the time there has to be a really good reason or not showing up. Staying out too late drinking and partying with a girl is not one of them.

What do you think is going to happen with Sarah Simmons? Will Michael Simmons’ mistake cost him custody of his kids?

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