Love After Lockup Spoilers: Kristianna Stalls, Sister May Report Fugitive’s Location

WEtv Love After Lockup spoilers reveal that Kristianna Roth is a fugitive. After she relapsed, the WEtv reality star left the halfway house. These are violations of her parole, which means she must report back to prison. She is now postponing the inevitable. In a confessional, her sister is considering calling the authorities and revealing Kristianna’s location.

Kristianna Roth’s Relapse

Whenever one tries recovering from an addiction, relapse is possible and in fact, happens quite often. However, the stakes are higher for parolees because they can go right back to the penitentiary if they violate any rules. Not only did Love After Lockup cast member Kristianna give into temptation, but she also left the halfway house.

John Miller Tries Protecting Wife

Love After Lockup spoilers reveal that John Miller is trying to protect his wife. Despite Kristianna’s family telling him not to look for the fugitive, he went ahead and did it. John found her, took her to a safe environment, and let her get some much-needed sleep. Kristianna was also able to reunite with her mom and sister. Now, John and Kristianna have a big decision to make before it gets decided for them.

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Postponing The Inevitable

Kristianna announces that she will report to prison the following day. The only problem is that she doesn’t sound very convincing. This concerns her mom and sister, who wonders if she’ll relapse and/or disappear again. There is also the concern that Kristianna might try to hide out and hope she doesn’t get caught. However, that puts John at risk and he would likely face criminal charges for harboring a fugitive.

Sister May Report Fugitive To Authorities

Love After Lockup spoilers reveal that in a confessional outside the house, Kristianna’s sister considers taking drastic action, Monsters & Critics reports. She tells the cameras that if Kristianna doesn’t turn herself in the next day, then she will call authorities and tell them where to pick up her fugitive sister.

Kristianna is going to have consequences no matter what she decides. However, it will be so much worse if she keeps running. It would be in her best interest — as well as her loved ones — to just bite the bullet and report back to jail. However, will she do it or could Kristianna end up making things worse?

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