Little People, Big World News: Is Amy Roloff Really Over Matt Marriage

On Little People, Big World, fans got pretty excited to see Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff hashing things out about their divorce and the farm. LPBW fans were not exactly impressed by the way she acted and they took to social media to show her just how they feel about how she treats her ex-husband.

Roloff Family News: The Fights and Feuds

On the show, Amy and Matt have been fighting for quite some time and fans would really like to see Amy being a little more kind to him. The fight that we saw on the latest episode was all about when she was going to sell her portion of the farm to Matt or if she was.Matt was unsure why she kept wanting to hold onto everything and there was even a point when he asked her is she and her fiance, Chris Marek, were having problems.

It all looked like Matt was completely trying to push Amy off the farm, but she continued to tell him that she was taking her time to think things through and leaving the place that you have lived for over 30 years is not easy to do. Matt really thought it would only take her days to figure all of this out and not months.

Little People Big World News: Is Amy Roloff Really Over Matt?

Viewers of Little People, Big World feel as if Amy just likes to be as dramatic as possible. They think that she always makes excuses for things and she really doesn’t know what she wants, but plays the victim with this all happening.

If she wants to be with Chris so badly and start this whole new life with him, then why is she doing everything she can to stay at the farm and not move into her new house with him?  Is Amy REALLY over Matt Roloff?

Amy Roloff can’t really seem to get anything right these days, but it does seem like she will eventually move off of the farm and end up selling her part of the farm to Matt.  We will just have to watch and wait on the next episode of Little People, Big World.

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