Sister Wives News: Janelle Brown’s Been Busy

Janelle Brown from TLC’s Sister Wives is excited to share with fans what show she has been watching the most lately. She has told fans before that she doesn’t really watch her own show that much and now she has found a show that she really enjoys. She just discovered The Blacklist and now she wants her fans to know just what she likes about it and why she is bingeing it.

Sister Wives 2020: Janelle Brown Shares With Fans

Sister Wives cast member Janelle Brown took to Twitter to tell her fans all about her new favorite show. She wrote, “Have you guys watched the Blacklist? The TV series with James Spader. Apparently, I am really late to the party as there are so many seasons. What a ride! The plot twists keep you watching. I’m loving it!” Her fans were quick to reply to her after this post and you can tell that some of them really enjoy the show.

Janelle’s fans warned her that if she got hooked on the show, she would end up watching it all day and night. They definitely agree that it is completely binge worthy. One of her fans did tell her that the show was too violent and they weren’t exactly sure how she could tolerate the violence and “ugly ideas” that it spreads in each episode. (To each his own, right?)

Some Sister Wives fans were shocked that Janelle Brown watched the Blacklist because it doesn’t seem like a show that she could get into. The language and violence were mentioned by her fans, but Janelle thinks that it is very entertaining and she enjoys it.

The Blacklist Is On Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown’s DVR

The Blacklist is going on the 8th season of the show and now that Netflix has picked it up, there could be even more seasons of the hit show. This will give Janelle even more reasons to watch it!

If you want to see more of Janelle’s insights on social media, you can follow her on Twitter and Instagram and you can see that she does post pretty regularly.

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