Counting On News: Are The Duggar Kids Trapped In Arranged Marriages?

TLC Counting On fans have their own opinions of each Duggar couple. There is one couple that viewers think haven’t kissed in years, in fact, they think it hasn’t been since their wedding day!

Duggar Updates: It All Started On Reddit

Reddit users like to share their opinions about the Duggars in any way that they can. The couple in question is Joe and Kendra Duggar. One Reddit user wrote, “Joe and Kendra seemed to be 100% arranged. Zero chemistry before the wedding.” Fans of Counting On did comment that they look happier now that they have been together for much longer. There was a discussion that these two probably haven’t kissed since their wedding.

There was another conversation on Reddit that fans of the show got into. It was about Josiah and Lauren Duggar and how they don’t seem very affectionate or happy together. In fact, fans said that they actually looked happier before they got married. Did marriage make their relationship even worse?

Many fans think that because these relationships are all arranged, the Duggar couples probably lose interest really quick in one another. They don’t get to date without a chaperone and they are all over television. The Counting On couples never get a free moment in their relationships to build it and get through the really tough times without cameras following them around everyone.

Counting On News: Duggar Kids Trapped In Loveless Marriages?

The Duggars do lead very public lives and it can be quite difficult for them to work through major life issues if they are constantly being watched by the public.

One Duggar Family couple that viewers believe still seems to be in love is Jinger and Jeremy. Fans pointed out that they are certain these two kiss a lot and probably did before they were married, which is 100% against what Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have taught them. After years of marriage, they still appear to be very much in love and they are welcoming a new baby very soon!

The Duggars all have their own personalities and this could be another reason that some of the couples seem loveless. It’s hard to show the world your relationship, but for some, it’s best to keep it as quiet as possible.  Check back here for more Counting On updates and Duggar news.

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