The Family Chantel Season 2 Spoilers: Chantel Wants A Baby, But Pedro Jimeno Not On Board

TLC The Family Chantel season 2 spoilers reveal that Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno have a lot of huge life changes happening. One is graduating college while the other is thinking about enrolling. Plans to buy a house, working on their marriage, issues with the in-laws and children. That’s right, Chantel wants a baby but it doesn’t sound like Pedro is on the same page.

The Family Chantel: No Children Until Everyone Gets Along

Back in April, the issue of children came up and Chantel told Entertainment Tonight that she didn’t want kids until something changed. That is her relationship with Pedro’s mother and sister. As 90 Day Fiance fans know, the relationship between Pedro’s family and Chantel has always been extremely rocky. It seems that things haven’t really improved in that department.

90 Day Fiance Updates: Chantel Everett Wants a Baby Now

The Family Chantel season 2 spoilers reveal that Chantel seems to have changed her mind about that. Now that she is graduating from college, she is getting baby fever. She would like to start thinking about having kids. However, is Pedro on board with the idea? It doesn’t sound like it.

Pedro Jimeno Wants to Wait On The Family Chantel Episodes

Even though Chantel is ready to start having children, Pedro doesn’t feel that the timing is right. After all, they have a lot going on. Even though Chantel is wrapping up college, Pedro would like to start his education. They would like to buy a house, but there is still the issue of Pedro’s mother and sister asking for money. Then, the two are still working on improving their own relationship.

The Family Chantel Season 2 Spoilers

As for what else fans can expect in season 2, we will meet Chantel’s brother, Royal Everett. He announces his marriage to a woman from the Philippines. Even though the family is more welcoming to Angenette than they were to Pedro, Chantel has doubts about the woman’s intentions.

Also, Pedro’s sister is hiding a big secret and it has to do with her boyfriend. Pedro is really disappointed in the man that Nicole has chosen. Plus, he feels bad that they used to be so close and shared all their secrets, but that has changed.

As for Chantel’s relationship with Lidia and Nicole, she feels that she has jumped hoops trying to fix things. However, Pedro keeps telling her that she needs to “try harder.”

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