Love After Lockup Spoilers: Sarah Simmons Can’t Let Michael Go

Love After Lockup spoilers tease cast member Sarah Simmons is having a tough time letting her deadbeat baby-daddy Michael Simmons go.  Sarah and Michael returned in WE’s four part spinoff Life After Lockup last month, and despite months of teasing her “new me” on social media, Sarah Simmons is still up to her same old tricks.

After being thoroughly embarrassed and letting Michael disrespect her more times than Angela lights up in a single episode, Sarah Simmons announced she was “moving on.”  She’s been saying that for a few years now, but honestly, we thought this time it was going to stick.  Sadly, that doesn’t seem to be the case on Life After Lockup.

Love After Lockup Cast: Sarah & Michael Simmons

On Friday’s episode of Life After Lockup we will get to see the rest of Sarah and Michael Simmons’ awkward parking lot showdown at their daughter’s birthday party.  The sad part is Michael genuinely seems excited to see his daughters after disappearing for months, and Sarah genuinely seems excited to argue with him.  Deja vu anyone?

We really wanted to see Sarah Simmons boss up, show off her revenge body, and actually put some of those cliche quotes she has been sharing on social media in to action.  Instead, we get Sarah crying in therapy, lighting up like a Christmas tree when Michael calls her phone, and desperately trying to make him care that she has a boyfriend, (and we’re still waiting for the revenge body part).  Girls that have “moved on” don’t do any of those things.

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Will Michael Fight Sarah Simmons’ Boyfriend

Will Michael try to fight Sarah Simmons’ boyfriend this week on Love After Lockup?  Most likely not, despite all the hype.  In order to fight someone over a girl, you have to actually care about said girl, and Michael Simmons stopped caring about four seasons ago.  Frankly, so have we.

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