Love After Lockup News: Jessica Gipson’s Hilarious Photoshop Fail

Love After Lockup news shows cast member Jessica Gipson’s miraculous weight loss on Instagram may not be all that meets the eye.  Jessica Gipson and her husband Maurice were introduced on Love After Lockup season 3, and are set to return in all new episodes next month.

Recently, Jessica took to Instagram and shared a selfie showing a drastic weight loss, but she may want to work on her Photoshop skills.  Not only does Jessica appear to have dropped over 50 pounds since filming Love After Lockup, that’s not even taking in to consideration the baby weight.

Love After Lockup News: Jessica Gipson’s Instagram Scam

Love After Lockup spoilers confirmed that Jessica was pregnant, and she and Maurice welcomed a baby boy in May.  So, not only did she shed a crazy amount of weight, she magically managed to do it while pregnant, if you believe her latest Instagram selfie.

But, anyone who is familiar with Photoshop can tell you that Jessica Gipson’s photo has clearly been tweaked to make her waist appear much smaller than it is.  The crooked door frame and warped floor tiles are a telltale sign.

In Jessica’s defense, she now has husband Maurice to support and a new baby, and her “job” is selling weight loss products on social media, and no one is going to buy them from her if it doesn’t appear to be working on her.

Sarah Simmons & Jessica Gipson’s Shady Weight Loss Pics

Jessica Gipson isn’t the first Love After Lockup cast member to be slammed for photoshopping weight loss pictures on social media.

Sarah Simmons has been posting massive weight loss photos, and every time she appears on Love After Lockup fans are puzzled by the fact that the photos don’t appear to look anything like her on television.  Sarah Simmons insists that the episodes we filmed before her weight loss, but it seems like she has been saying that for a few seasons now.

Do you think Jessica’s Instagram photos are legit?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.  Tune into WEtv to see what is next on Love After Lockup.  Check back here for more Jessica Gipson and Maurice news and updates.

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