Love After Lockup News: Heather Says Dylan Smith Cheated On Her…With Men

Love After Lockup new cast member Heather just made her debut on Season 3, alongside her prison boyfriend Dylan Smith.  Before Love After Lockup went on its 4 week hiatus, we saw Dylan released from prison and giddy Heather waiting at the gates.  According to Love After Lockup spoilers, their relationship goes downhill, fast.

Before Heather and Dylan even appeared on Love After Lockup, Heather has been spilling all the tea on her Instagram and even made her own blog to document her court cases with Dylan.  The Love After Lockup cast member has made some disturbing accusations against him, including various forms of abuse, and even sex trafficking.

Love After Lockup Cast: Heather & Dylan Smith

Love After Lockup finally introduced Heather and Dylan on the show, and she officially lost her marbles over their debut.  Apparently, Heather feels she did not get a fair edit, and WETV is making Dylan Smith out to be the victim.  Keep in mind, Dylan is the one that has a restraining order against her now.

Ironically, when Dylan Smith was introduced on Love After Lockup, viewers’ gaydars were going off, despite the fact that he has a girlfriend now (not Heather).  In a recent Instagram rant, Heather revealed that Dylan was cheating on her, with men and women, and came right out and said “Dylan is gay.”  Along with more assault and rape accusations, this time against his friends.

At this point we are taking everything Heather says with a grain of salt, until we see their entire story unfold on Love After Lockup and hear Dylan’s side of things.

Love After Lockup 2020 Spoilers: Heather’s Disturbing Accusations Against Dylan

Dylan Smith has yet to address Heather’s accusations, because apparently he understands how a NDA works.  In no way are we downplaying her accusations, but when it comes to something this serious, you can’t just take a person’s word for it without some sort of proof.

Interestingly, Love After Lockup fans have unearthed numerous articles and jail records for Dylan Smith on the internet and social media.  So, it’s a bit strange that Heather had no idea what his arrest record was and chose to stand by a man for 5 years without googling his name.

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