OutDaughtered News: Adam Busby Gets Emotional

OutDaughtered fans were surprised to see dad, Adam Busby get all caught up in his emotions. Hurricane Laura hit Louisiana pretty badly and with family there, Adam Busby was very concerned about the devastation that it caused. In a rare moment, the OutDaughtered cast member explained to fans just how he was feeling about the hurricane.

Busby Family News: OutDaughtered Cast’s Lake Charles Relief

OutDaughtered’s Danielle Busby helped to organize large donations of products to the people of Lake Charles. They filled up a U-Haul numerous times and drove it to Lake Charles to help out those who were hit by the hurricane. The couple has shared many posts of social media about giving donations and doing anything they could do to help.

One of the main reasons that Adam Busby is upset is because he feels that there has been so little coverage of the devastation in Lake Charles. On Friday, he took to Instagram to talk about the coverage. He wrote, “Less than 24 hours before Hurricane Laura made landfall, the path of the storm was headed straight for Houston. I was away from my girls. I was in a panic, trying to get back home from some meetings in Kentucky.

I couldn’t help but be moved by this sight as @zakkshanephoto and I were walking through a home that was completely ravaged by the unbelievably powerful winds of this storm. This could have been a scene from my home, hadn’t the storm made the turn east during my long day of trying to get home to Houston. It could’ve been my family whose home was completely destroyed. My town left without a tower and running water, now I’m going on a month. My children whose school is destroyed and no clear idea I have when they can go back..

OutDaughtered Updates 2020: Adam Busby Asks For Help For Lake Charles

Almost a month after hurricane Laura and Lake Charles still looks like the scene of a war zone.  Small businesses decimated, leaving owners fearful of losing everything they have worked their whole lives to build.  Families relocated to hotels in distant cities because there is nothing to return home to. Media silence…”

Another reason that Adam is upset is that the mayor of Lake Charles seems to be down playing the damage that was done by the hurricane. OutDaughtered’s Adam Busby continues to post pictures of the devastation and urges his followers to get the news out there that the storm did a lot of harm and damage.  You can look at Adam’s photos on his Instagram account, where he is very active.

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